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SoCal race Oct 2013

My favorite Motobecane variated moped racers. It’d be exiting to watch those 3 riders battle it out in a world cup motobecane race!

Ryan Mayer – California, USA   (photo: Carrie Schreck)



Mathieu Desrues – France



Maicon Fuser – Brazil



Great day in the middle of the desert at Grange’ race track last Saturday Oct 19th, 2013 Apple Valley, CA.

pit bikes 008

Group photo by “Gaskettes” moped rider Carrie Schreck @ http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152562309040110.1073741837.272315020109&type=1


Thanks Neil Senior the Organizer and all the people who came to support the event.

Next race Sat April 12th, 2014 @ Willow Springs raceway, California


Willow Springs go kart track:

Some of the fast moped racers from Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, should really come to this event and play with us.

You need to email Neil Senior first @ MotorBicycleRacing@gmail.com


Photo by Juarez JD:

Christophe and Ryan racing the 2 Tomahawk mopeds 50cc Peugeot and Motobecane Sat Oct 19th at Grange’ track.


Here’s a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5mByoGZhoA of the Unlimited Fast Class motor bicycles and mopeds.


1st:    Christophe,  Peugeot 50cc moped

2nd:   Ryan, Motobecane 50cc moped

3rd:    Jeff, custom 200cc bicycle

4th:    Scotto, custom 212cc bicycle

Scoot Tv made it and brought his stretched Honda Hobbit 70cc Athena pimped by tomahawk.



“Knuckleheads” moped racers from Long Beach Mopeds.

Tyler’s super fast Puch Pinto e50 modified case inducted drag motor from Germany with scooter minarelli 70cc h2o Metrakit, polini water pump, stage 6 reeds, 28mm carb flat slide, simonini exhaust, HPI cdi vraiable advance timing, secret clutch set up.


Young dirt bike racer fist time racing with a moped.


Motorized bicycle with diesel engine and electric start.

pit bikes 001

Race time again!

Race time again!

The moped racers from Long Beach Mopeds http://lbmopeds.com/ are getting ready for this coming weekend race event at Grange’ race track http://www.grangeracetrack.com/contact_us.htm in Southern California Saturday June 1st, 2013 organized by SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing https://www.facebook.com/MotorizedBicycleRacing?fref=ts


Here’s a video at the LB Mopeds shop last night by Honest Mike Scoot TV

Honest Mike Scoot TV is going to be racing on the track this weekend for the 1st time! Here’s his Peugeot 103 “Mantis” Polini 70cc.


Here are some LB mopeds race bikes:

Tyler’s Puch Magnum E50 one speed 64cc Polini.


Jake’s Honda Hobbit 70cc:


Ryan’s Puch Pinto 70cc K-Star:


Other mopeds are coming from Los Angeles. If you want to sign up for the race go to https://www.facebook.com/events/612103012135669/

Some motorized bicycles racing this weekend:



Joker’s motor bicycles 212cc Harbor Freight Predator and 250cc Briggs and Stratton 1150 electric start motor:



Check out the Joker Machine Racing’s video of the action in the very popular and competitive Midrange Class taken from Richard’s #78 Honda CG 160 at the April 2012 SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event on April 2012.

The Joker Machine team will be racing this Sat June 1st 2013 at Grange Motor Circuit.


Tomahawk Motobecane 50cc air cooled race moped.

Los Angeles-20130530-01260

I won’t bring or race my Peugeot 50cc h2o moped to have more time to enjoy the races, bring some footage and help with the organization but Ryan a local racer will be racing my Motobecane 50cc air cooled moped.

Here’s the latest video:


Tomashop Grand Opening

The Tomahawk shop in Filipino town is done.

My back is sore but it was worth it. It’s a nice little nest to build custom bikes, repair and restore mopeds. We’ve got the tools, the bikes, now we just need to hang a photo of a moped babe to make it a ligit shop.

It’s party time tonight Friday night at 7:30pm. Come and hang out with us. Honest Mike from Scoot TV will be there to cover the event. I saved plenty of room on the red doors for his stickers, yeah!

Next Monday I’m finally back to fixing mopeds, I can’t wait. We’re gonna build some amazing bikes there and we’ll happily serve the LA moped community.

BBQ Party:

Thanks everybody for coming, it was really fun.  We’ll try to throw more moped parties in the future.

Video by Honest Mike – Scoot TV Show. Thx dude, that was fast editing!

Additional video:

BB3 meets TSA

I got these 3 Peugeot tanks on ebay France a while ago.

Apparently the 2 gold ones come from the Peugeot TSA (around 1975) and the red from the Peugeot BB3 (around 1970).

I’m thinking about using them later with a cobra or custom frame. -cn

Tomahawk chop

We officially released the beast at Casey’s garage August 7, 2010.

Congrats Casey ! And welcome to the Tomahawk tribe.

Many thanks to you and  John for the awesome photos.

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Toecutter first start:

Face off

- Old Bidalot 50cc air cooled VS  new Bidalot 50cc liquid cooled

Here’s the new engine set up for my Peugeot RCX race bike , ( ported and assembled in France by my friend Remi expert in 50cc variated race bike at http://www.karaokeman92.skyrock.com )  :

Bidalot 50cc H20

Bosch electric pump + large volume radiator

Bidalot vintage exhaust ball joint with ring ( Remi’s treasure chest )

Malossi cases + 360 degree rubber intake

Bidalot crankshaft

Celeron Bearings

PVL cdi

Dell ‘orto 21 or 25 carburetor

Bidalot G2 replica exhaust modified length

Bidalot variator 100mm

Bidalot engine spring rubber mounted

Giraudo clutch plulley

Gearing  11 x 68…..74

On paper it should be way faster than my very old engine that i could never get in the high rpm zone anyway. I can’t wait to test that new engine on the track !

Grange’ motor circuit would be fun. I wish we could start our own race here in Southern California next year.

Toecutter 1st day out !

The birth of that new Peugeot almost brought  tears to my eyes !

Still tuning the carb, variator, engine spring and gearing…

Sorry, I had to ride to the Hollywood sign again…  it’s becoming a ritual for every new bike I build.

Casey,  gear up !  If everything goes well, I’m planning on delivering this weekend. – cn

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1983 Peugeot 103 sp frame

Puch maxi ebr fork

Five star steel wheels

Gas shocks 330 mm

Polini seat

Tomos Streetmate headlights

Clubman handle bar


1978 stock  cases 2 ports ( 3rd boost port added )

Stock points crankshaft + new bearings FAG

Malossi aluminum 65cc air cooled

TSM head + decompression  plug

Vintage mvt cdi ignition for points taper

Dell’orto carburetor 17mm PHBG

Polini 2 petal reed block  intake

Conti exhaust + custom stinger and baffle

Stock clutch

Doppler Er3 variator 14g weights

Doppler engine spring 1 inch preload

Aluminum pulley + Malossi belt

Gearing 11 x 56 ( not on these photos )

Getting closer

Working on controls, cables and carburetor.

Tomorrow is electrical day…

This bad boy should be on the street by the end of the week for testing and tuning.

Bonus pics :

Close up on the custom bracket welded on the swing arm to mount the Conti exhaust.

Top view of the foot pegs… it feels good to lose the pedals again, back to 90′s style ! –cn

Fresh powder

The basics done right, like Dom Toretto in FF4

Fresh Powder in the Summer

Fresh Powder in the Summer


Look, master builder Christophe may soon be able to do club rides again! More updates to include all the crazy Euro parts and stylings on this bike. Headlights are not final but stacked cateyes under consideration.


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