Welcome to the pow wow

“Welcome to the Tomahawk blog. I’m the French dude who you may have met at Choke getting parts and advice for builds. I’m starting this blog to help me keep track of my various variated bikes. Most of my riding time was spent blasting the streets of Paris and now I’m building bikes here in Los Angeles. Motobecanes and Peugeots are my mopeds of choice and I’m sourcing a large portion of my parts from France. I have three projects right now: a Puch Magnum Peugeot powered Frankenbike, a liquid cooled dual disc braked 70cc Peugeot 103, and a 50cc metal flake powder coated pimp corner to corner commuter. I also maintain a 1990’s Bidalot 103 RCX track bike (group 1). Since some people have been asking about these bikes, I’m going post photos of each of them in this blog.”

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