Face off

– Old Bidalot 50cc air cooled VS  new Bidalot 50cc liquid cooled

Here’s the new engine set up for my Peugeot RCX race bike , ( ported and assembled in France by my friend Remi expert in 50cc variated race bike at http://www.karaokeman92.skyrock.com )  :

Bidalot 50cc H20

Bosch electric pump + large volume radiator

Bidalot vintage exhaust ball joint with ring ( Remi’s treasure chest )

Malossi cases + 360 degree rubber intake

Bidalot crankshaft

Celeron Bearings

PVL cdi

Dell ‘orto 21 or 25 carburetor

Bidalot G2 replica exhaust modified length

Bidalot variator 100mm

Bidalot engine spring rubber mounted

Giraudo clutch plulley

Gearing  11 x 68…..74

On paper it should be way faster than my very old engine that i could never get in the high rpm zone anyway. I can’t wait to test that new engine on the track !

Grange’ motor circuit would be fun. I wish we could start our own race here in Southern California next year.


    • tomahawktuning

      Hi Remi,I appreciate the effort and don’t worry about your English, mine is far from being perfect either.
      Thank you for tuning my new engine. It’s a real honor and I can’t wait to test it on the track.
      Even after more than 20 years of experience in moped racing I know how humble you are and how much you want to share some of your knowledge with us.
      Unfortunately the Polini cup has been canceled, but I’ll try to stay ready if we start racing again in California next year.
      I still dream about that day we’ll help you fly to America with 2 of your race bikes and learn more.

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