Grange’ moped race 10-10-10

Thanks to Jamisin from Daggrs we have a video of the first round. He was standing on a stick with his camera in one hand and his dog in the other hand.

Story of the race:

After a close start I take the lead in the 1st corner. My stinger breaks in the 1st lap with the baffle hanging, I almost got flagged.  I lose the baffle somewhere at the end of the lap before the straight away. The only thing I notice was the loud sound and a loss of power, I thought the header or the ball joint  broke and I kept checking the front of the engine.

An official jumps on his bike to pick the baffle and points it at me in the 2nd lap. At that point, I know that I have no back pressure and slows down to protect my engine but decide to continue racing.

Brian can’t really reach full speed because of his variator not getting  full range. He catches up with me and with battle in the last few laps.

Carson is somewhere behind jumping on his Tomos after each corner to make it down shift in 1st gear. It was fun riding behind him and  watch him in action during the second race.

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