Daggrs Gr1 race bike project

I just got that old rusty Motobecane for $100.

I think it’s going to be perfect to build the official Daggrs bike to race in the open class next year. We’re probably going to build it based on the 50cc gr1 specs though. I hope the 2011 season brings some exciting battles between tuners but also between moped gangs built.

I don’t know if we’ll have a bike to compete in the stock Tomos and Puch class yet.

I want to build a “cheap” competitive variated bike. We already have some used av10 engine parts, stock cases with stock reeds, stock crank, stock engine spring,  Bidalot 50cc head, stock cdi ignition, pulley, wheels, etc…

All we need is a good 50cc air kit, new rubber bushings, a variator, a pipe, a carb and a belt. The most expensive parts are probably going to be the shocks, fork, disk break, tires, and fairings.

We don’t plan on winning in the open class race against monster dual variated moped 75+ cc  but have fun battling  in the middle of the track against  the other 50cc Gr1 (polini cases or stock) that will show up. Who knows we might be able to catch some 70cc non-variated or single variated bikes.

I’ll try to battle the monster mopeds with my Peugeot rcx 50cc Bidalot H20 : )

Let’s all have fun next year on the track and outside the track, in the middle of the desert at Grange motor circuit!

I’ve heard that some racers in LA have already started building secret projects for next year… that ‘s exciting !


  1. zack

    pumped! I’ll be out there with at least a stockish puch, kitted puch, and hopefully a GR1ish pug racer. Should be a lot of fun!

    Are we still looking at 3-4 races?

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