RCX, finally assembled

I’m getting really close. I still need to cut the clip-ons, custom build an aluminum plate to mount the tachometer, temperature gauge and voltmeter, fill up the radiator.  I also need to inject a little bit of  oil through the  transfer ports to lubricate the crank bearings because the engine has been assembled a while ago.

I just received the tiny Koso voltmeter (1.5 inch wide) and need to connect it with a switch that I can turn on when I need to check the battery’s power.

I may have to get one of those racing  flexible hoses from France for the air box, unless I can find something here. If I crash and I want something softer to avoid any pressure on the carburetor and potential damage on the rubber intake. I’m probably going to race without it for now. I’ll know more after the first engine test.

I tested the water pump again, protected the electrical circuit with a fuse, checked all the electrical connectors, tightened all the water hoses. I’m probably going to clear a little better the water hose close to the variator.

I replaced the throttle cable 90 degree bendy guide with a straight one. The throttle cable is now running straight underneath the fairing along the frame brace with zip ties. I also installed a fuel filter that I didn’t have last season.

Ca va peter!  (it’s gonna rip!)


Peugeot 103 Rcx

Bidalot fairings

Ebr hydraulic fork

Tarozzi race clip-ons

Grimeca 17″ wheels

Bridgestone Battlax tires

Grimeca disc brake

Fournales oleo-pneumatic shocks


Bidalot 50cc h20 replica (ported by Remi)

Malossi cases

Bidalot crankshaft 16mm

Fag C3 bearings

Pvl analog ignition

Dell’orto 21mm carb (maybe 25mm later after testing)

Bidalot racing exhaust replica

Ipra radiator

Bosch electric water pump


Bidalot variator

Giraudo clutch pulley

Malossi belt

Giraudo engine spring

Equipe France rear sprocket


  1. Stephan S

    i’m very much loocking foreward to the first race opdates 😀
    It has been such a nice projekt to follow these last few months, when it has been too cold here in Denmark to fix my own Puch moped ^^

  2. tomahawktuning

    I hear you man. I hate fixing mopeds with cold hands.
    We’re lucky with the weather in Los Angeles but our roads are bad… 🙂
    Thanks for your support and interest in US moped racing.
    We need it. It’s such a small group for now.
    We’ll post updates on the races, photos, videos.

    • Stephan S

      no problem ^^
      there are moped races here too, but those are only officialy for scooters up to 70cc and 20bhp, and im not very fund scooters -.-

    • tomahawktuning

      I’ll post a video of the first start and later a video of the running test in an empty street in Downtown LA art/industrial district on a Sunday morning.
      I can’t ride it in my neighborhood, too much traffic, too loud, too many cops.

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