Daggrs Gr1 project, c’est parti!

So once again, I’m not going to be able to work on my street bike next month.

Tracy gave me an Av10 engine a while ago and recently convinced me to work on the daggrs Gr1 race bike. I’m going to try to get it ready for the first race March 12 at Grange’ motor circuit (1h45 from LA). The goal is to build it as cheap and quick as possible. We wanted a race bike to represent “Daggrs” our moped riding club and have fun on the track. I’m using an old beat up Bidalot 50cc replica with very small ports and the ball joint thread is gone. I don’t expect much power out of it but it’s a free 50cc kit and at least we’ll add an other bike on the track.

Today I disassembled the bike and dropped the Av7 engine (Tracy, its yours if you want it). The first step will be to reinforce the chassis with a frame brace, the swing arm mount with plates and move the shocks mount.

I’ve got most of the parts but here ‘s what I’m missing:

Chassis: shorter fork legs, rear shocks, a front disc, racing seat, engine spring bushing.

Engine: all seals and gaskets, head viton O ring, new piston ring, cdi box+ coil, spark plug, pull choke, fuel valve + filter, chain adjusters, and finally the most expensive = racing variator + exhaust.

I’m including of photo (with black background) of the malossi Gr1 50cc kit that I got from Tracy (thanks man!) + my stock Av10 cases that I will send to Terry Dean in San Francisco who’s trying to build a Gr1 race bike for March 19 and needs parts. If you have any spare parts and want to help him out, check out his blog post: http://destroymopeds.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/mbk-and-other-parts-wanted/

I’m excited about this new Gr1 project and will post as much photos as I can to give anybody who wants to build an mbk  Gr1 bike some kind of direction.

With only 6 weeks before the race the pressure is on!


  1. tomahawktuning

    Yay it’s fun to bring those parts back to life.
    After ripping on the streets now your old kit will make history ripping on the track. So cool!

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