RCX, la patate dans les rues de Los Angeles

“Rcx ripping in the streets of LA”… well not quite yet.

So after trying the old  Gianelli  pipe with a shorter length I was able to hit the 12,000 rpm zone way higher than the first time I started the bike with the Bidalot pipe. Once tuned properly with the right size on the modified Bidalot exhaust I should be able to reach close to 13,500 rpm. After I’m done searching and modifying pipes, I will probably send all the dimensions to a special shop to build a custom exhaust.

On the videos you’ll notice that the bike is not tuned yet. I didn’t have time that day to jet the carb for the new pipe or do any variator + engine spring tuning but it’s good to keep it rich for now.

Those french mopeds with single variator + clutch pulley properly tuned have pretty fast take offs and would probably match any Derbi with the same engine size. I can’t imaging doing some extreme porting with an h20 80cc kit on a french bike. Plus, they’re much more fun to ride having manual control of the variator gearing ratio with the launch lever that gives you the feel of  downshifting on an automatic transmission. Derbis or Hobbits acceleration feels more like a scooter, it’s fast but not as fun. With the french bikes you really feel like you have some control of the engine and the transmission belt, it’s amazing. There’s nothing like it.


  1. nonoze

    Superbe travail au niveau de l’installation de la pédale de lanceur! démarrages fulgurants! le tout à LA, ça laisse vraiment rêveur! Vivre en californie, et posséder une mob vraiment bien préparée, tu as la vie que je rêve d’avoir en fait! 😀

  2. tomahawktuning

    oui, un vrai bonheur!
    la vraie seule et unique machine de ce type qui fonctionne aux USA.
    Probably a unique true french 50cc race bike in the US that actually works and race track ready.

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