Fred’s 103, one happy dude

Fred just picked up his Peugeot 103 sp polini 70cc.

He’s so happy and reliving his teenage years. He loves the sound the ninja pipe. He’s gonna have to break it in and keep the oil mix rich for 3 or 4 full tanks.

I did 10 miles with the bike today and we can see that the chain stretched out. I told Fred to tighten it as soon as he gets home.

After the break in Fred will probably mount some pegs (the way he remembers mopeds growing up in France) but I tried to convince him to keep the pedals. The good thing about the pegs is that I’ll be able to install a launch lever needed on his bike for low end because of the soft stock engine spring.

Enjoy man! Don’t forget to buy a helmet and blast the streets of LA…


    • fred


      Thanks a lot. I was a lucky man to find Christophe in Los Angeles. I bring this 103 Peugeot by separated piece in my luggage from Paris ; ) and try to rebuilt it in Los Angeles. But it doesn’t want to run and BELIEVE me even in France there’s not a guy like Christophe. A very high mechanic level, a passionated, honest, and he could build by himself a moped. It’s a trust guy and I’ll keep him in my pocket…Lol Don’t want to loose this kind of professional mechanic…We could learn many things from this guy…Yes I’m a lucky man.

      Thanks Christophe you’re huge

    • fred

      Ohh! yes it’s a funny bike to ride…I’ll enjoy the Los Angeles macadam’s. Believe me that’s great ; )

    • fred


      You know what !! next time I’ll move to Paris, I’ll bring a second frame to Los Angeles and want to built with Christophe another 103 peugeot, but this time a racer one.

      Want to be happy a second time…Lol

      And we don’t have to forget..!! Tribute to Sir Armand Peugeot 😉

      • tomahawktuning

        I’m glad you like your bike! Have fun with it and you can bring an other Peugeot 103 project anytime you want.

  1. edw

    OU AH, elle défonce 🙂 j’adore le look !!

    tu te souviens de la fourche que tu as utilisé ? j’ai récupéré une paioli RD mais j’ai l’impression que celle-ci est beaucoup plus haute, et ça m’fait envie 😀

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