Daggr1, push powered

Today I finished all the electrical on the bike which is usually my least favorite part but it’s much easier on a race bike than a street bike. I didn’t have to deal with lights, brake lights, regulator, etc… All I had to do is connect the cdi box + the kill switch and it was done, loved it.

I checked the brakes and made sure that everything on the chassis spins freely without slowing the bike. everything feels really good and the bike still feels light.

The chain slightly rubs against  the swing arm. I’ll take care of it by shaving off some metal and building some kind of rubber chain slide. By the way, those are all the sounds you hear on an electric bike.

It’s funny because every time I pull a new bike out the shop the neighbors either give me a big smile or stare at me with curiosity like if I just landed from outer space.

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