Daggr1, another Tomahawk 50cc ripper

The engine feels just the way I anticipated it. I can tell by ear that we’re close to 11,500 rpm. Not bad for a beat up 50cc Bidalot kit with an old nikasil. When I looked at the small ports I never thought that kit could rip but I increased the port duration to Gr2 specs and it worked. I was afraid to lose some low end power with the new port duration but it didn’t happen, even with a standard pulley. I can’t imagine how good the bike would feel with a clutch pulley. In general, Gr1 set ups are not as powerful as Gr2 or Gr3 but have more torque.

Overall the bike feels good, not quite as powerful as my Peugeot 103 Rcx 50cc h20 but close with more torque and way lighter. The downside is that it’s an air cooled engine so it won’t stay as consistent during the entire race, especially if it gets hot in the desert.





  1. Eric

    🙂 i understand. i think i’ll just leave it the way it is. from what i hear from you and the others, it’s already a blasty kit.

    • tomahawktuning

      Yeah that’s better. If you start messing up with a cylinder not really knowing what you’re doing you can actually lose power. It’s safer to stock and blasty. More important is to tune the carb, and variator, transmission right.

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