50cc French moped racing, Saint Genis

Quick update on the french 50cc variated moped cup. Some of those bikes don’t even look like mopeds anymore but we see some mbk av10 frames competing, it’s just harder to win against the Bidalot RS frame.

Remi’s Team drove to Saint Genis (west of France) for the 2nd race of the TGO organization (Trophee Grand Ouest). Their pilot Chi King the Samourai took 2nd overall with the Bidalot 50cc Gr3 RS orange windshield (3rd in 1st round, 1st in 2nd round, 3rd in3rd round).

Hugo from cyclomania took 1st overall with his Bidalot RS and Julien from MIR35 with his yellow Bidalot RS took 3rd. I ‘ve heard that a really good young racer with a supposedly slower 50cc Gr1 bike was staying in the pack battling with those fast 50cc Gr3 up front. Awesome!

Remi made some changes on his bike and the engine didn’t detonate this time. In the video of the 1rst round Chi King fell apparently due to a wrong check of tire pressure. He came back from the 9th to 3rd place behind Hugo and Julien. More videos of the 2nd round with rear on board camera (led by Chi King) should be coming soon, we see more of the other bikes chasing him.

Yannick a friend, Remi the tuner and pilot Chi King

Chi King, Hugo Nouzille , Julien Dore’

On board video of the 1st round. The race doesn’t start until the 5 1/2 min mark and Chi King falls at the 6 1/2 min mark. Look for the Devil’s horns around the 8 min mark.


  1. Eric

    I saw you mentioning the bidaolt pipe and derestricting it. I know there’s a restrictor in the hear or the ball joint.( I can’t remember which, lol). was there another one? why did you cut the stinger? I have a Moby with a 64 Malossi kit but it doesn’t really pump out the rpms. Great work by the way!!!

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