Fred’s 103, losing the pedals a la francaise

Fred brought back his peugeot 103 for few upgrades. Apparently, the bike is a real chick magnet riding down the streets of Beverly Hills. I need to ride there more often, can I borrow your bike? lol

I installed the lights, removed the pedals and the bicycle chain, installed the anodized pegs, modified the pedal shaft to prevent the pegs from spinning and create room for the launch lever.

The malossi launch lever doesn’t mount easy and need some modification to clear the sub frame. I also reinforced the weak bracket bolted on the engine cases. I placed the lever a little low to clear the cdi cover at top end since that launch lever is not a perfect fit. I prefer to work with the other model sold at Treats.

By pressing on the launch lever Fred will help the soft stock spring and increase the rpms at low end for better acceleration. It’s very useful uphill or when you need extra power to get out of a dangerous situation in traffic.

The launch lever I usually prefer to modify but was out of stock:


The malossi launch lever:


– Xtophe –


  1. Honest Mike

    Soooo that’s how you install the launch lever!
    Can one have a launch lever & pedals too?

    -Honest… hope your buddy is ok.

  2. tomahawktuning

    Yes you can have a launch lever and pedals but it’s harder to install and complicated to operate when riding with an off balance feet position.
    Imagine shifting on a motorcycle with pedals.

    My buddy is in a hospital for minimum 2 months intensive care after a bad crash and bike landing on his body. Broken bones, dammaged internal organs, etc… but alive.
    Thx for asking.

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