Y’a plus qu’a reassembler le p’tit G1

Time to reassemble and blast.

Thanks Jamisin for helping design and paint the bike. It looks good.

Chain sliders.

Seat pad and exhaust spring rubber sleeve.

Plate number and gas tank air vent.


Few more details before firing it up.

I don’t know when I’ll be hitting the track with that little 50cc G1 race bike since there’s nobody to compete against after no mopeders showed up at Grange’ race track last Sat and the next Sat practice day at Adams is being canceled. Maybe I’ll have to wait for the race in August at Buttonwillow NoCal vs SoCal if any moped racer even shows up. Oh well, I’ll try to find a way to test ride the bike on some track around LA or practice and compete against the minigp 50cc 6 speed motorcycles until a moped shows up.

I’m keeping up the faith…


Stock cases / Carters d’origine

Doppler crankshaft / Vilebrequin Doppler

Old replica Bidalot G1 50cc kit ported / Vieux kit Bidalot replica G1 50cc prepare’

Bidalot replica head / Culasse Bidalot replica

Stock 2 petal reed block / Clapets d’origine

Polini 19mm intake manifold / Pipe polini 19mm

Dell’orto PHBG 19mm carb / Carbu Dell’orto PHBG 19mm

Bidalot exhaust G1 replica / Pot Bidalot G1 replica

Stock cdi / Allumage d’origine

Doppler ER3 variator / Variateur Doppler ER3

Doppler standard pulley / Poulie simple Doppler

Doppler belt / Courroie Doppler

Transmission 11 x 56


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