Adams, 4th round

I just came back from the 4th minigp race at Adams motorsports park in Riverside, CA 06/05/2011.

What a blast… It felt good to be back on the track with my variated peugeot 103 RCX 50cc H20. I didn’t have a chance to test the new motobecane av10 G1 50cc since we arrived late and missed the 2hr practice session. I jumped straight into the race with the RCX probably the safest choice to keep up with the other motorcycle racers.

It was a small turn out because of back to back races. I was the only moped racer but they let me compete in the minigp vet/youth class with 3 other motorcycles. I placed second behind the experienced racer Saul with his Kawasaki 60cc 2 stroke engine and front of Rod with his Aprilia RS 125 frame + honda 100cc 4 stroke engine.

There was a great energy and I can’t wait to come back to the exact same track in July for the night race.

I found a Tomahawk made out of two wooden sticks in the dirt right in front of my canopy. What a strange coincidence…

Thanks Freddie for those awesome pics!

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  1. cristian

    i wish people would show up to the nor cal races there is one coming up this weekend and my bike is ready but no one will be there

    • tomahawktuning

      June 5th at Prairie City Kart Track. I wish could be there to race you.
      Do your thing, it’s always good to get some track time.
      I’ll meet you at Buttonwillow Raceway August 20th NoCal vs SoCal if you can make it.

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