Fred’s peugeot 103 gets a disc brake

Freddie commutes everyday with his fast bike becoming unsafe with the small drum brake system.

Another challenge for Tomahawk, adapting a low cost disc brake system on the 5 star front wheel without machining any aluminum part.

I’m using my 103 RCX old EBR fork and Grimeca brake assembly from the 2010 polini cup + new $16 rotor disc + $20 of hardware.

Good plug color and home made fork brace.

How to turn a set of pedals into a heavy duty custom made peg + launch lever… heat up, bend, cut, grind and weld.

Freddie happy with his new disc brake and much safer bike.

Disc brake testing on Sunset Blvd, beating the traffic… and getting few thumbs up.


  1. Honest Mike

    Crazy test run!!!
    Seen a couple violation passing cars… Be careful dude!
    But you were doing a test run 🙂

    Anywhoooooo what is that bracket on the Exhaust??? Rubber?


  2. tomahawktuning

    I only ride that crazy when I test the bikes for a short run.

    Rubber mount to try to absorb some of the crazy vibrations on peugeot that tend to break pipes.

  3. Honest Mike

    Is the rubber mount FOR an exhaust?
    I have a Doppler Pipe with that swivel piece that has broke before.
    Question about the swivel piece. Should it me mounted at 6 o’clock or 4-8 o’clock angle?

    Just picked up a 17mm dellortor.
    A fork/disc brake (RM80)
    + some Variator parts too.
    Now just got to rust treat my tank & can start working.
    BUT part of me says…. Bring it to You!


    • tomahawktuning

      You can get that exhaust rubber mount from any auto parts store.

      Ideally, the swivel bracket should start at 4 or 5 o’clock angle to press the pipe down and away from the swing arm when the variated engine swings back.

      If you get stock with your project you can always bring the bike.

  4. Honest Mike

    Thanks Tomahawk!!!
    Gotta treat the nasty Rust in my tank 1st… just been waiting for it to get a bit warmer.


  5. honestmike

    Finally got my Pug 103 back on the rode!!!
    But when I rode it today… Throttle cable stuck!!! YIKES!
    Glad I have a kill switch! Oya the problem… Frayed wire near carb!


  6. tomahawktuning

    you mean flat slide SHA?
    phbg are better for fine tuning and throttle transition with main jet, idle jet, choke jet, air screw, different slide angles, needle shapes and positions, float weights…

    • tomahawktuning

      weird… I never had any clearance issues on peugeot 103 frame with regular dell’orto carbs and bendy cable stop from the top plate, except on the side to clear the idle screw from the sub frame.
      I’d have to see a close up pic of your engine.

  7. jordan

    do you have any more pictures of putting the disc brake rotor on? I have a set of the peugeot 5 stars and thought about just getting a rear wheel and attaching rotor to sprocket mounts, but rear 5 stars like this are kinda rare and expensive. In the picture of the wheel with disc, how is the disc fixed to the wheel hub? thanks!

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