French 50cc moped racing, Vendeuvre

Remi Cusso’s new race bike Bidalot Replica 50cc variated should hit the track at the next race June 26. It’s going to be the only Replica tubular frame back in competition since the 90’s. Remi is working his magic to make it competitive right away for its first race. The pressure is on with a lot of expectations from 50cc moped racing fans and the other teams. They’ll deal with the paint later.

Here are some exclusive photos of Remi’s Bidalot Replica h20 50cc Gr3 (28mm carb) variated race bike in France, 48h before its very first race this Sunday June 26. Remi (top race moped tuner) just finished his custom built racing exhaust. Nice work man! He also just received his Bidalot cylinder back from Spain with a special slow 24h thin layers process Nikasil replating. Another 50cc 15,000 rpms screamer on the track… good luck with the race!

Back from the race in Vendeuvre, France:

“Old  school” Jeff broke the pipe on his motobecane av10 (mbk 51 cf) so he had the chance to try Remi’s new race bike in the third round. The video shows how excited he was in the pit when Remi fired it up and blew up everybody’s ears with screaming 14,500 rpms (even though the engine is driving the belt and the rear wheel). The carburetor wasn’t tuned yet but not bad for a very first time. Not even knowing the bike Jeff was already 2 second faster per lap than when he was racing with his motobecane. With the final tuning over the next weeks and the official pilot Mik, this bike should be super competitive.

Bidalot Replica very first start… a new variated 50cc ripper is born.


I got my new moped race fairings from, thanks Treats!

They look pretty cool with the peugeot 103 vogue frame. It makes me want to build a 50cc race bike with my vintage Bidalot air cooled kit ceramic coated.

peugeot 103 vogue                                              motobecane av10

There’s hope that I might be able to race against other mopeds in the Gr1 50cc air cooled class in August 20th at Buttonwillow race track for the NoCal/SoCal mini gp event. Rufus from Treats ( and John Quintos from San Fransisco are building peugeot 103 G1 race bikes. Thanks for your dedication and I hope to see you on the track soon.


Pics of vintage french 50cc peugeot 103 Groupe 1 race bikes:

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