Peugeot 103 streetfighter uptades

I’ve been busy lately but the bike is slowly starting to take shape.

I fabricated 2 custom gas tank covers, sanded all the welds on the seat and custom made a 2 piece front fender out of an old plastic one. There’s still a lot welding to do and I need to work on the liquid cooled system but I’m getting close to the final phase before painting. The bike is a little heavy with all the extra parts but I wanted to concentrate more on aesthetic than performance.

Bonus pics, the bike’s 1978 stock version when I bought it in 2009, few of my Peugeot chrome emblems bought at a scooter shop in Paris and my collection ofย  TREATS stickers. I want a red tongue sticker so bad… will you give it to me? ๐Ÿ™‚


Peugeot 103 Bobber by Autelo (France), malossi variator +RGD clutch pulley + ninja warmup exhaust.

Peugeot 103 stunt by Mateo (France).

Peugeot 103 polini street races at 95 mph apparently (Algeria). Their bikes our loud because they remove the exhaust baffle. They use 70cc kits that don’t rev very high with the smallest rear sprocket available. They need super long roads to be able to reach top speed but they’re fast.


  1. Dustin

    I love the style of your streetfighter. I’m building a moby fighter! We’re about to fab a rigid rear end and shorten the wheel base 4 inches.

    Did you keep the spring from the ciao seat pan? Also, what fork is that and where can I find a cheap front hydro disc?

    Keep up the fantastic work! I’ll be sure to share a pic of my finished project too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tomahawktuning

      Thx man.
      I’d love to see some pics of your moby fighter.
      I’m using a peugeot seat 90’s not ciao seat. I lost the spring welded a custom mount.
      The fork is an EBR. You can find a cheap disc brake assembly at
      Use a grimeca caliper single piston and a 220mm rotor.

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