G1 street legal

Well… almost with no pedals 🙂

I’m gonna to try to make the  “Latebirds” weekly Tuesday night open ride tonight at Choke motorcycle shop with my Mbk Av10 50cc G1 race bike. I need to get out of the shop and ride for a change. I drained the leaded race fuel, mixed some unleaded premium gas station fuel, installed a license plate and bicycle LED lights. It gave me some good ideas for my peugeot 103 streetfighter headlight options.

Bonus pic, my dad in France just finished  my polini cup 2010 oil painting. It just needs a final clear coat and apparently should be dry enough to be shipped to the US by the end of September. Yeah!

Back from the ride:

It was fun blasting the streets, hanging out in downtown and catching up with everybody. It was also a good occasion to test the bike against other fast mopeds since no moped comes to the race track. We didn’t race each other but it felt like none of the 70cc Honda, Puch or Tomos could really keep up with the acceleration and speed of my 50cc Motobecane. It makes me want to install my Doppler or RGD clutch pulley with a smaller rear sprocket and a steering damper to convert the bike into a street racer I guess… Instead of sitting at the shop, at least I could have fun riding it and chasing 70cc bikes, hopefully some of the fastest Derbis out there. Bernie test rode the bike and is now hooked on Motobecane 50cc power (and reliability) + the launch lever action, it feels like downshifting on an automatic transmission, and also the Av10 frame’s good stability.


Just pulling out of Choke motorcycle store.

If you want your moby to rip all day long with more fuel efficiency than a 70cc kit and less overheating or vibrations breaking parts, here’s a similar and powerful engine set up if assembled and tuned right (it’s recommended to mount the crankshaft with polyamide or nylon cage bearings over steel cage bearings):

Doppler 50cc kit ($145), Doppler head ($55), stock cases ($99), stock reeds ($20), Teknix stock crank ($75), stock cdi ignition ($75), Dell’orto PHBG DS 19mm carb ($98), Doppler  intake ($27), Doppler exhaust ($167), Doppler variator ER3 ($145) available at http://www.treatland.tv






  1. Eric

    so awesome! hopefully I can make my moby as fast and reliable as yours! good job!


  2. tomahawktuning

    Stick with cheap stock cases (but no cheap metal cage bearings, nylon only), stock reeds, stock cdi, 19 carb + good crank, 50cc kit and pipe. Just built it right paying attention to every single detail and your moby will rip all day long without vibrations breaking your engine parts or overheating problems. You’ll also have a quicker acceleration with a more fuel efficient engine than polini cases with 70cc kit and 21 or 24mm carb minimum for the reed valve size.

  3. tomahawktuning

    I could but I prefer working on the 3 transfer ports case inducted av10 engine. I get way much power than the 2 port cylinder inducted av7 engine. They both mount on the moby frame.

  4. Eric

    oh and what’s the plastic hose coming out of the carb for? ram air? sorry to be a pain in the butt:-)

  5. tanner b

    Hey I am about to put together my first av7 engine. I got all new parts, here is my list tell me what you think and give me any advice you think i needplease…your mopeds are amazing !!!
    – motobecane AV7 teknix complete engine case
    – motobecane AV7 Airsal 74cc Kit
    -av 10 / av 7 crank
    – motobecane AV7 malossi SHA shorty intake PACK
    -sha clone carburetor 15.15
    – motobecane MBK av7 av10 doppler variator ER3 with clutch function
    – motobecane CDI ignition le partie
    -universal moped voltage regulator

    I put together a e50 with a 70cc kstar and case match hope the motobecane is just as fun and rewarding..

    • tomahawktuning

      I would have probably chosen the PHBG intake with a 17 or 19mm carb.
      Motobecane is not as easy as a puch engine. There’s a little more than just slapping a 70cc kit + bigger carb + performance pipe.
      You’re dealing with a variated transmission but once you know how to tune the vairiator weights + the engine spring tension, it is definitely fun and rewarding.

      You may have some problems starting your bike with the doppler er3 variator clutch version (with a bearing) if you don’t have a kick star. unless you’re using a thicker belt.

  6. Eric

    i have the doppler er3 clutch with the idle bearing. you’re gonna need to do the cardboard trick. it’s a pain taking off your belt every time you want to start your bike but it’s worth it once you’re tuned.

    • tomahawktuning

      I haven’t used a GPS yet but it feels close to 65 mph and gets up there quick.
      The bike was geared for the race track not for long street roads.
      Once I down size the rear sprocket to 54T it should hit 70+mph.
      Not bad for stock cases + 50cc kit + 19 carb.

      It would take longer to reach top speed and I would lose the acceleration but one day I could even do a test ride with a small 48T sprocket on a very long road to see how fast the bike can go.

  7. eric

    hey guys, is there any thing I should know about installing the stock cdi? shorter studs? this may also be a silly question, but do I keep the cam when using cdi? I’ve never dealt with cdi before.


  8. tomahawktuning

    If it’s a motobecane cdi it should bolt right on without any modification. If you mount a new stator plate, make sure to use some oil resistant sealant on the 2 screws thread or the half case will potentially get an air leak.

    • tomahawktuning

      Nothing to worry about.
      FAG nylon bearings upgrade are recommended only for high rpms kitted engines.

      • Eric

        Ok.But, I was planning to build a gr1 ripper like yours. Waiting til treats has one. The mvt looks nice.

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