Pimp my peugeot TSM, phase one

Phase 1 completed.

The 70cc polini engine started and the bike is almost ready to get back on the street. We should upgrade the chassis later in phase 2 with rear gas shocks, front disc brake, hydraulic fork, mag wheels, new handle bars and controls.

I drained the old fuel and filled up the tank with fresh gasoline, installed a TNT fuel filter and TNT air filter. The engine feels really good with lots of power even though I didn’t modify the doppler exhaust and only slightly ported the W exhaust port, it makes a real difference compared to stock.  The carburetion is little rich but was spot on from the very first start even though I had to deal with one of those 4 stroke carbs again. They consume a little more fuel but I found a good needle + slide setting to make them work.

The variator’s medium weights feel good with the polini spring + launch lever but I’ll do some test runs tomorrow for a final tuning and carb jetting. I think that bike is going to be another peugeot ripper with even more power to gain in the future if we install a smaller rear sprocket, use a cdi ignition, a proper 2 stroke carb and modify the exhaust.

If you like top tank mopeds, the TSM is the best bike that combines the look of a small motorcycle with an automatic transmission and the power of a variated peugeot engine.

A new peugeot TSM 70cc is born:

1st start video

Test run at night with smaller rear sprocket




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