G1 Saturday night ride

I took my motobecane av10 50cc moped for a  Saturday moped ride with the “Woolly Bullies”. I’ve noticed that more people are getting into peugeot and motobecane mopeds, yeah! Thanks for the ride and the tacos!

The bike felt really good and the more I ride it the more I love it. I’m actually working on building a faster version of  my Bidalot 50cc air cooled engine with stock cases + polini 50cc h20 kit (special porting and nikasil plating) + 21 carb by the end of the year and might sell my current engine ready to mount on any motobecane frame. I finally got the red tongue sticker from http://www.treatland.tv to complete my collection. Thanks Treats!



I found a smaller 54T rear sprocket for better street riding top speed (65 to 70mph) but without losing the quick acceleration. At high speed on Los Angeles bad roads, I’m gonna need one of those cheap NHK adjustable steering dampers. There’s nothing like blasting a 70cc kitted moped with gigantic Gilardoni size 4 petal reed block with your motobecane 50cc kit and stock size 2 petal reed block way more fuel efficient.

54T sprocket for 65+ mph                                    45T sprocket for 75+ mph


After the ride I made a dual control launch lever allowing to rest my foot at idle by pressing down the rear lever with my heel instead of lifting the front one with my toes. It should be more comfortable for street riding but I can still remove it for the race track. I’ll test next time.

Some videos of the ride and the moby 50cc doppler variator with no clutch in action, holding the camera in one hand and the handle bars in the other (not very safe!).

No clutch = no more problems.


I didn’t know we could buy Motobecane bicycles in the US, they’re cheap too. Now I want one!


    • tomahawktuning

      Look at the 2nd video closely. By lifting the launch lever with your right foot you make the belt skip on the variator.
      That bike wasn’t build for street riding, so ideally I should weld an extra lever to the exiting launch lever to press on it with my heel and keep idle.
      Less effort and cramps for my foot.

      You can do it with your peugeot if you want but stock peugeot clutches are fine with doppler variator cluctch function.
      There’s no clutch function racing variator for motobecane. So your 3 options are:
      1- Keep the stock clutch variator, too heavy will break the crank with powerful kitted engine and restricts the speed because of its small size.
      2- Use a doppler racing variator (or bidalot) + an expensive doppler rear clutch pulley that fails 50% of the time.
      3- Use a doppler racing variator (or bidalot) + cheap standard pulley with no clutch just like my bike, with no more problems.

  1. tomahawktuning

    A little maybe but changing a belt is cheaper than fixing or replacing an expensive broken clutch pulley or a broken crankshaft at high rpms because of the super heavy motobecane stock variator with clutch function.

    I recommend to always remove the belt of the engine when you don’t ride or park the bike.
    1- Nobody can start and run with your bike.
    2- You won’t stretch the belt.

    I also recommend to carry an extra belt at all time, around the handle bars or in your back pack.

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