Motobecane 40T project

I’m going to build 2 rigid frame Motobecane 40T bikes with fast Doppler 50cc engines based on my Av10 race bike set up with stock cases.

1- The orange frame (bought in the US) is a commissioned project. We’ll use a set a red Grimeca mag wheels (imported from France) and powder coat them, mount an EBR hydraulic fork with disc brake. All the engine parts have been ordered, I just need to find a Doppler or Bidalot variator.

2- The 1971 blue frame project (imported from France) will be for sale. I might use some spoked wheels for a more retro look.

Bonus pics:

I worked on a customer’s 1978 Motobecane 7 moped that was starting but not running right. It was my first time riding a moby 7 and even though the engine is non-variated it’s a really fun bike.


  1. cristian

    on my race bike i have a orange 40t with a doppler av10 set up but my variator has a clutch function because its also going to be a street bike and didn’t have money for both variators or a clutch pulley does it realy matter if i race with a clutch on my variator

  2. tomahawktuning

    There are no rules anymore. We need more racers on the track with any fast moped.
    If you’re running a really powerful Doppler set up with the heavy stock variator clutch function you might break the crank at high rpms, most likely with a 70cc than 50cc though.

  3. Eric

    The original Moby six stars are designed for stock forks. The little tab that holds the brake plate in place has a curved shape that fits at the bottom right side of the forks. The ebrs have a little slot that works with the lelue puch/Peugeot brake plates. I guess my question is will the leleu brake plate fit a six star mag?

  4. tomahawktuning

    I’m not sure if it would fit. Leleu hubs diameter is 80mm and mag wheels are usually 90mm.
    I would weld a thick U shaped guide on the existing plate to match the Leleu plate design.

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