Back in business

Motobecane 40T 50cc project.

See you in few weeks for a video of the test run at 60+ mph.

Quick tip:

In 2 stroke performance, porting is less important than quality of engine assembly by paying attention to every detail.

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Now there’s really no spoked or mag wheel on the market that Tomahawk can’t adapt a disc brake on, with cheap and fast technique.


Mbk 51 / Motobecane Av10 kick start function.

That might be a good option for those who want to run a Doppler clutch pulley with a regular bearing instead of the fragile stock one way bearing necessary to push start the bike.

Two things you need to know:

1- The motobecane av10 engine is rubber mounted so don’t kick too hard like on a dirt bike or you will damage the rubber bushings over time.

2- Each time you kick, the lever comes back up. The actuator gear slightly rub against the flywheel nut, wearing off the teeth over time. Just get an extra set of those two parts and grease them.

I’ll try to keep you informed when we start getting some of those in America soon…

Repositioning the lever for stronger spring tension:

Notice the kick start, h20 50cc engine, gas shocks, square swing arm with pegs on the Mbk 51 90’s stock version. Some models even had an hydraulic fork with disc brake.


  1. Jeremy Oborn

    Can you describe the theory/advantages of the huge air boxes used on French race bike? I would love to know more about them.

  2. tomahawktuning

    Air boxes are mandatory and part of 50cc french mopeds racing rules to reduce loud carburetors noises on the race track close to populated neighborhood.
    They don’t really offer more performance other than delivering a constant “dead air” flow.
    The best for race track is a velocity stack with no filter, carb to the side or straight back but not facing forward!

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