50cc variated french moped racing, the next level

Some updates about the 3 top french racing teams.

1- Team Remi Cusso:


Remi the tuner and Mick the official pilot did some track testing with the new Bidalot Replica 50cc Gr3 race bike (28mm carb) outside Paris at “Carole” big motorcycle race track. The bike was faster than some of the Suzuki 125 RG, 250 RGV and vintage motorcycles. To give you an idea, that’s how fast a top level 50cc variated french bike is. The motorcycles were only able to catch up or pass in the long straight away because Remi’s bike is geared for moped tracks and not long motorcycle tracks.

After losing motivation in moped racing, reaching the chassis limits of his fast motobecane av10 frame 50cc Gr3 engine against the other high tech moped frames, Mick is now eager to get back in the competition with the better Bidalot Replica chassis version keeping the same old Gr3 engine. He can lean the bike so far in the turns that “he’s gonna have to get new knee sliders every 3 races”…Watch out!


Latest pics of St Genis 50cc moped race September 4th 2011.


Remi is also working on Chi King race bike the Bidalot RS 50cc Gr3 (currently 3rd in the championship), building a new stronger lower bracket for the parallelogram to prevent the belt from twisting and jumping because of the insane power of the Gr3 50cc engine. I saw it in action live on the french tracks and it sounds like an 80cc engine.



2- Team Mir 35:

Julien is finally releasing his new machined Gr2 cases for motobecane Bidalot h20 Gr2 50cc kits + 20mm crank + 21mm carb size limit. It looks like you could remove the Gr2 “standard” 2 petal reed block adapter and use a huge Gr2 “open” 4 petal reed block for no carb size limit. Nice!





3- Team Clycomania:


Video of St Genis 50cc variated moped race May 15 – 2011 and Hugo’s 1rst place.


Check out the no gear racing blog that talks about David a french pastry chef who moved to California and started speed racing in 2002 at Bonneville, Utah with a motobecane av10 imported from France. The latest 50cc engine evolution seems to be using a Derbi 6 speed engine converted to a variated transmission with 77 mph top speed in August 2011. David is still trying to beat the current 50cc speed record at 85 mph established by Cathy on a ultra prepared Aprilia RS 50.

I found out about that cool story through http://www.treatland.tv who sent me that first link.




Bonus speed & monster bike videos for fun and inspiration:

France, a motobecane av10 drag moped with kitted minarelli horizontal scooter engine, first start.

France, a MBK Nitro scooter minarelli horizontal engine (like the Yamaha Zuma 50cc) with a malossi 77cc h20 kit, Keihin 28mm carb and a 6 speed gear box adapted from an AM6 /Derbi engine.

France, BRD drag scooter dyno testing. The only moped part on that bike is the front motobecane grimeca 17″ mag wheel 🙂

I’m too busy but I have a similar scooter engine at my shop with a Honda motorcycle frame and I have been wanting for a while to build a similar but slightly higher bike with a cafe’ racer top tank. At least I know that it can be done and the lines would work fine even with a scooter engine and smaller rear wheel. I think it could be the future for small size street custom bikes, combining the look of a bad ass top tank cafe’ motorcycle with retro lines, the power of modern Euro 2 stroke scooter 70cc/80cc technology or even 150cc 4 stroke engines from Asia (more available and popular in the US scooter world), the practicality of a dual variated automatic transmission with no gears just like a moped “twist and go” but with more speed and reliability than kitted moped engines that were never really designed to hold extreme power.

My first sketching with a GY6 150cc 4 stroke engine and my current 23 hp Minarelli 77cc 2 stroke engine project on hold.


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