TSM Mania

What’s going on lately with all those peugeot TSM on the streets. I thought they were super rare in the US. That’s the second one coming to the shop for an engine rebuild. I don’t complain though, even if I didn’t grow up with peugeot top tank mopeds, I’m starting to really like them.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Replace the stock cylinder with a Gilardoni 50cc  kit + dell’orto SHA 15 mm carb + polini flat single reed valve + simonini circuit pipe, everything else stays stock. This is my favorite engine set up for a peugeot moped with 45 mph top speed, reliability, fuel efficiency, and easy port matching with the new stock 3 ports cases. That TSM has the 2 ports cases 70’s model so I need to create a 3rd rear port to match the cylinder.

The simonini circuit pipe is a great low and mid range exhaust with a popping sound and also clears the pedals easily but I may have to lose the center stand… not sure, and maybe cut + weld or bend the baffle to fit it in a tight spot between the stand and the pedal (you can also slightly bend or shave the pedal arm). For greater top speed I would recommend a Giannelli exhaust but you definitely have to lose the center stand and slightly bend the pedal or mount the pipe low.

Here are some pics of my very first peugeot 103 project in the US with a used 50cc stock engine 3 ports imported from France + 15 carb SHA + Giannelli pipe dopller baffle. That bike had good gas mileage and 50 mph top speed with stock cylinder exhaust port slightly modified, I miss that kind of engine set up. Then I pimped it with powder coating, chrome plating and a Ponili 70cc kit + malossi cases.

Peugeot TSM engine disassembly and rebuild with Gilardoni 50cc kit, case port match, modified port duration, new crank seals:

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Same stock-ish 50cc engine setup available at Treats, http://www.treatland.tv:


Pics of the bike rebuilt with the new engine and video of the 1st start. Notice how the simonini circuit baffle barely clears the swing arm and the pedal even after bending the arm a lot to give it a wider S shape. I can pedal start the bike but once the engine gets in high rpm and swings back it’d probably be safer to ride it with the right foot forward or bend the pedal arm even more but it will get way shorter than the left arm.

Video 1st start, the carb is not tuned yet:

Bonus Pics:

Vintage dual variated swing arm right side transmission for peugeot TSM and 103 fast take offs.



  1. Chad

    Im looking for a reliable decently fast setup as well Christophe.

    This sounds right up my alley, though would probably do the gianelli pipe to boost my top end.

    Is the gila kit a high revving? I have the dual vari swingarm & wanna set that up proper.


    • tomahawktuning

      If you want to get the full potential of that dual variated peugeot swing arm, I definitely recommend a high rpm 50cc kit better than a low rpm 70cc kits + vibrations.
      My best choice would be to use a higher rpm kit than the Gilardoni with small ports, more like a ported doppler 50cc kit for good reliability or the polini 50cc W port + high comp head + polini flat reed + 19 carb + Giannelli pipe.
      But if you have a smaller budget get the Gila + 15 carb + giannelli pipe for reliability and fuel efficiency, you should still have tons of fun!
      Make sure to mount the engine with the thick rubber bushing between the cases and the swing arm to absorb the vibrations.

  2. honestmike

    This VISUAL Learner Digs/Appreciate the Foto Play by Play!!!
    I know it is a pain in the ass to shoot & work… much appreciated AGAIN!

    Road my Pug 103 to work today 🙂 got a tiny bit of a lag from 30-35mph after the motor swings and WOWZEE 🙂 Got to 45mph today (250lbs big dude:)
    Wondering if I put a smaller rear sprocket would that help with that 30-35mph lag???
    Dont need to be blasting 45mph+ for my commute.


  3. tomahawktuning

    You’re welcome. It’s definitely a pain and risky when trying to assemble the hot cases quickly under a time limit.
    But I know it might be interesting for some peugeot owners like you to see the entire process step by step.

    Not bad 45mph for a 250lbs dude.
    Smaller rear sprocket will not help with the lag, it might actually made it worse.
    It sounds like you’re having a problem with carb tuning or variator tuning. Bug guys feel it more when the bike is not perfectly tuned. A launch lever usually helps in that case to regain some extra rpms.

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