50cc french moped racing, “laissez les bons temps rouler”

Let the good times roll!

Here are some photos of the last 50cc variated french moped race in Ancenis Sep 18 2011 (2nd round). The pics were shot by Mikael “Lemim” and sent to me by my friend Ludo (above pic) who works for the M.C. Amorce 50cc racing club and co-organized the event for the TGO south of France championship. I met him during my last trip in France for the 1st round in April 2011, super nice guy who shares the same passion for peugeot mopeds and has been building street bikes for years. He’ll be attending the Peugeot 103 40 years anniversary celebration in October. I wish I could be there.

Ludo started moped racing this year and built a peugeot 103 spx to compete in the Production class, entry level “factory” class for sotck-ish peugeot and motobecane 50cc variated mopeds. Check out his race bike:

I’ve heard that it was a rainy afternoon with lots of crashes. My friend Remi Cusso and his team weren’t able to attend the race because of conflict with scheduling.

If you want to see more pics of the race check the photo galleries on the MC Amorce 50cc club website:


The TGO championship includes many 50cc categories like scooters, pocket bikes, 6 speed bikes, solex, sidecar… but roughly, here are the 3 classes and rules for 50cc variated mopeds:

1- PRODUCTION: (Factory, stock-ish)


Step through moped frame, no racing frame, no reinforcement other than mandatory frame brace cross bar, 305 euros max. No parallelogram engine mounts.Fork open 30 mm max. Rear shocks open. Wheels 17″ max. Rear drum brake. Front disc brake 220 mm max. Seat and fairings open.


Stock cases only, factory or after market. Crank open with stock stroke and 155 euros max. Stock cylinder type air cooled only, one exhaust port only (no bridge or auxiliary port), 2 rings piston. Cylinder head 46 euros max. Cylinder porting and cylinder base raiser allowed. After market reeds allowed 44 euros max but no petal reed block. Intake manifold 19 mm max. Carburetor 15 mm max. After market performance exhaust allowed 170 euros max. External cdi ignition only stock or 185 euros max. Stock variator only. No launch lever. Stock engine spring. The race will start with the engine running.

2- PROMOTION: (old Gr1 class)


Same as Production class + reinforcement allowed + fork open 32 mm max.


Same as Production + crank 185 euros max, air cooled 50cc racing kit + head 260 euros max, carb 15 mm max but venturi allowed, manifold 19 mm max but custom made allowed, reeds after market allowed 40 euros max but no petal reed block, performance exhaust open, external cdi ignition 245 euros max, variator open 106 mm max no clutch function, launch lever allowed, engine spring open. Racers will push start the race.



Frame open. Wheels, tires, fork, shocks, brakes open. Steering damper allowed.


Cooling system open, engine parts open, variator size open, carb size open, 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine allowed, exhaust open. The race will start with the engine running.

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I couldn’t find any videos of the moped races but here’s some 50cc pocket bike and scooter action on the wet race track:

Team KRH2 sponsored by La Becanerie, Artek, Mvt, Yanusi.

Some of those 80’s vintage french moped fairings are available in the US, check out the full selection at http://www.treatland.tv


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