Are you ready to race?

I’m planning on going to the motorized bicycle race in 2 weeks Saturday October 22nd at Grange’ race track.

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2011. Gate open at 6 am
Free camping Friday and Saturday night.
Practice on the track 7am to 9.45am
heats start at 10 am

$10 for spectators pre pay or at the gate.
$35 to ride on the track which includes all the days Pro Photography of the event.
+$5 to pay at the track on Fri 21st or Sat 22nd
+$10 to race in a second class.

Can pre register by emailing Neil at
Pay by check or Money Order


Credit Card & Debit Card by an emailed invoice to Google Checkout Everyone who pre pays gets entered into a drawing for a cool prize..
Grangé Motor Circuit
20455 Central Ave.
Apple Valley, CA 92307
I spoke with Neil the organizer and he will let me race my mopeds or any moped racer that shows up in the open class at the end of the day against monster bikes like that 212cc 4 stroke 11 hp motorized bicycle. There will also be drag races. It might be interesting to see how one of my 50cc race mopeds would match against those bikes but most important for me is to check out the event and have a blast in the desert with those guys. I’m really curious and want to learn more about those race motorized bicycles. It seems like they really had a good time during the last event at Willow Springs with more than 20 racers in each category.
Neil might even create a last minute moped class if enough moped racers from LA area show up. Motorized bicycle racers are on an even lower budget than moped racers. $35 for all day practice + race is really cheap so money shouldn’t be an excuse for not coming if you like racing and have a bike ready. Any moped is welcome in the open class, stock, kitted, pedals, no pedals, fairings, whatever… just come to support the event and have a good time. Even fancy Derringers bicycles are welcome… lol. I always have fun up there in the desert, the track is awesome and it’s only 1h30 from LA.
That’s their second race this year. The event seems to be getting bigger every time. Neil is also organizing a other race event in April 2012 and talking about a night race in July that would cost a little more for the racers but could be rad!
The match up:
Light bicycle dual variator 212cc 4 stroke 11 hp vs Race moped single variator launch lever 49.9cc 2 stroke 12 hp 13,500 rpm.
That sounds like an old school MMA UFC fight.


  1. eric

    do you know if the stock 51V AV10s came with points or cdi? i dont want want to put my av7 stator on my av10 build because the stator is huge and i think it won’t get as many rpms as cdi or a stator/flywheel with a smaller diameter.

  2. Neil

    Thanks for the plug Chris and looking forward to meeting you on Oct 22nd!

    The next race in early? April 2012 would be a daytime event at Grange again but if there is one in July 2012 it will be a night race because of high temperatures.

    Everyone is welcome to show and i will do my best to get you on the track.
    Would love to have a few Derringers bicycles there in the 50 cc and under 4 stroke class.

    It is a bike show of hand built crazy contraptions that are motorized bicycles as well as the first time Motorized Bicycles have raced on Granges challenging 14 turn track.

    We are racing counterclockwise and will be having drag races down the front straight at the end of the day.

    If there is enough interest I will make a Moped Race Class.

  3. tomahawktuning

    Thx for the clarification.
    Looking forward to meeting too, see some cool builds, and have fun on the track with those monster motorized bicycles.

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