T-Hawk, I’m ready

Today was the last day before the very first start of my Peugeot 103 streetfighter. I finished all the electrical wiring but I’ll make it  look cleaner once I reassemble the bike with a new paint. It’s hard to hide all the wires with so many electrical components. I decided to keep the mini fuses protecting the electric pump and battery circuits exposed though, for a quick and easy access.

To save time I decided not to test ride the bike, I’ll do the final tuning once the bike is painted and reassembled. I will also have some stainless brake lines custom made for the front and rear disc brakes.

Tomorrow is the big day. Hopefully I’ll be able to start the bike and post another video. I took my time and double checked everything but you never know with mopeds, anything can go wrong. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


The bike is 90% done and ready for a paint job. I can’t wait to blaaaaaaast the streets of downtown LA late at night, sitting far back on the saddle with a tight grip on the handle bars.

First start:

Yeah! T-hawk is finally born and took its very first breath of oxygen in Hollywood Griffith Park. The bike is so sexy that it already got harassed by people jumping out of the bushes.

The engine fired up right away, it’s not tuned yet but has an awesome sound. The bike feels really solid with no resistance in the wheels, chain or rotor discs. It’s a little heavy with all the equipment but that will increase the stability at top speed and keep it safer on the bad roads of LA. It actually feels and looks more like a small variated 70cc motorcycle and not much like a moped anymore, kinda like top tank mopeds.

It’s now time to disassemble and paint all the parts. Once the bike is done I’ll post some photos and videos of the test runs.

Engine setup available at http://www.treatland.tv

Malossi cases, doppler crank, malossi 70cc h20 kit, mvt millenium cdi, dell’orto 21mm carb, giannelli pipe.



  1. m v paulos

    hey your peugeot looks fucking awsome!! i live in bermuda and i had a 103 ten years ago , it wasn’t pretty ,stock red look but the motor was killer , remember riding to work sometimes just above idle speed doing 40mph , and guys on 125 yamaha rxs laughing well i would wave them past then to their disbelieve i would always come past them kickin their ass !!it was clocked doing 130kmp !ps wish i still had my peugeot !! and your peugeot just looks like i said earlier awsome ,sure that it almost fly’s cool!!!

    • tomahawktuning

      Wow, 130 kmh / 80 mph is impressive on a peugeot 103.
      I heard they still sells the peugeot 103 vogue model in Bermuda.
      I wish we could get it in the US but after talking to Peugeot France they’re not interested in the US market.

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