Cafe scooter, I’m on a mission

Here’s my next project.

Today, after running into one of the top Ruckus builders in LA at a racing hardware store, I decided to start my cafe scooter project and get it ready for the next big Ruckus ride March 2012.

I’ve stored the parts for over a year and it’s time to build the bike. I like anything fast on 2 wheels but I prefer to build small bikes. I won’t consider this bike a moped or a scooter but more like a prototype 2 stroke motorcycle 77cc dual variated. I’m gonna try to mix the look of old cafe racers with modern euro 2 str0ke scooter technology. It should be a fun project. My engine setup is actually outdated now compared to what the drag scooter racers are using in Italy, France, Germany, UK, etc…

I’ve seen pics of old cafe racers with Lambretta engines but this bike should be pretty unique in the States, especially with a fast 2 stroke scooter engine. Everything is 4 stroke now in the scooter and motorcycle world in the US since the big Japanese manufacturers like Honda have started pushing and imposing their 4 stroke engines for financial reasons on the streets and race tracks.


I’m using a 23 hp 2 stroke minarelli horizontal scooter engine imported from France (Mbk nitro/Yamaha Zuma) with malossi 77cc h20 kit, malossi crank 85mm, stage 6 digital cdi, dell’orto 28mm carb flat slide, stage 6 R1400 exhaust, malossi over range transmission kit, stage 6 clutch pulley, stage 6 gears.


I’m using a vintage Honda 2 stroke motorcycle frame. I will probably cut the frame to rethink the lines and weld the scooter engine mounts. I was originally going to use a step-through motobecane av10 frame but I changed my mind and got a top tank frame. I hope it’s not a crime to chop that vintage bike. I’m using a scooter aprilia RS 13″ rear wheel with disc brake and a motobecane moped 17″ front grimeca mag wheel with stage 6 rotor and brembo caliper. I haven’t decided about the fork yet.

I might also change my mind and decide to stick with the original plan using a super light motobecane av10 moped frame to get the most out of the 23 hp engine and be able to ride the bike “legally” as a registered 50cc moped, I just wont be able to carry much fuel. The motorcycle Honda frame has no VIN number and feels super heavy, I might still build that cafe bike but strip down my registered TGB scooter and mount the 4 stroke 150cc GY6 engine to use it as a rad and reliable daily commuter.

Some photos of the parts + the 1st motobecane prototype that inspired me 2 years ago and one of my old sketch exploring different frame + seat options.



Here’s the sound and acceleration of a minarelli engine with the malossi 77cc big bore kit on a 50cc scooter Yamaha Aerox/Mbk Nitro. The 50cc Yamaha Zuma in the US also called Yamaha BWs or Mbk booster in France, uses the same engine type but there are many versions of kits depending on the year model, before 99′, after 99′, after 03′.

Don’t we love the power of 2 stroke engines? It’s only a 95cc. Try to match that with a same size 4 stroke engine.

MAXISCOOT article:

Here’s a drag scooter with a 2Fast cylinder kit + Nitrous fuel built by a young french company that sells high end performance parts and is actually located outside France since the laws there don’t allow to sell kits above 50cc.  They also own MXS custom that builds some of the sickest and fastest scooters and competes all year long.

Maxiscoot video:

32 hp at the rear wheel by MXS Custom, 2Fast 86cc kit + Cristofolini 80cc exhaust.

Here’s another drag scooter 2 stroke twin cylinder engine (probably 2x 86cc, one of the latest hot engine setup in Europe right now) by ALP design sponsored by



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