Motobecane do Brasil

A little window on the growing Brazilian moped scene.

I’ve been told that Motobecane is the most popular brand and I think the only one that was imported in Brazil, some models were built with tubular frames like the Mobylette XR. Their bikes are super cool and fast reaching 80mph top speed tricking their stock engines or using whatever is available. Performance parts are rare with no moped store and expensive in Brazil with crazy customs taxes when imported.

They’re just starting to get some good stuff from the US like the Doppler ER3 variators thanks to Treats, and trying to learn more about how to tune their variated AV10 engines french racing style reading the Tomahawk blog. I don’t know if they’ve mastered the launch lever with proper variator tuning yet but they’ve discovered the nitrous boost kit and the Redbull baffle… rad!

Thanks Augusto (blue XR) and Vincius (navy blue av10, orange XR) for providing the pics and links. If I made any mistake let me know. PS: I don’t know if you watch UFC mixed martial arts but I’m a big fan of Anderson Silva Brazilian fighter.

Videos of moped meeting, street and freeway races, plus WMX motorized bicycle AV10 engine with an awesome guitar soundtrack:


For those who are new to the Tomahawk blog and motobecane french variated mopeds. Here are some old classic videos I posted 2 years ago of a friend and master tuner in France (Remi),  showing the power of a  motobecane av10 50cc h20 Bidalot engine big intake 30mm Keihin carb with a Bidalot clutch pulley. It’s also a good reference for those who build fast 50cc mobys, it gives a good idea of what a powerful and perfectly tuned 50cc engine should sound like. Use it to tune your bike just like you would tune a musical instrument and compare with the sound of your engine’s videos.

In the 2nd video test run, the engine spring and variator weights + launch lever are perfectly tuned causing the belt not at ideal temperature yet to grab a little weird making the powerful engine swing back and forth but it usually stops once the belt gets warm and you can counter that effect by pressing with your foot on the launch lever. Cf 90 doesn’t mean it’s a 90cc it’s the motobecane av10 year model 1990, listening to that crazy engine I’ve had people asking me and getting confused, it’s just a 49.9cc only allowed for moped racing in France anything bigger is by law registered as a motorcycle, pedals or no pedals. I’ve actually test rode that bike during my last visit in France and never felt anything like that on a moped before, it sounded and felt like a powerful 80cc kit.



PLUS, if you don’t mind fairings on mopeds, here are some of the nastiest motobecane av10 h20 and peugeot 103 moped builds in France have seen so far:

Motobecane av10:

Peugeot 103:


Special thoughts for a moped friend Daniel Nguyen from the Woolly Bullies moped gang and his family. Daniel was a super cool guy full of life,  he recently tragically died in LA too young at 28 years old. It’s a very sad time for the moped community. It reminded us how precious life, family and close friends are. Keep riding your mopeds and Carpe Diem!

Tribute video by Honest Mike:

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