Tomahawk new shop

So it looks like in January 2012 Tomahawk is finally leaving the underground “James Bond room” for a bigger shop at Overkill high end baja buggy parts in Anaheim, Orange County. Perfect location in an industrial zone to build and test screaming mopeds all day long.

I’ll keep an antenna in Hollywood for small projects and moped repairs but I’ll use the new shop to build all the future custom bikes. With our new fast mopeds we’re gonna show the Ruckus scooter people of OC what’s up. I’m also working on fabricating future Tomahawk moped parts:

Some aluminum clipons with steel chromed tubes for 28mm moped fork like the EBR and maybe later 30mm for Tomos fork, with future options like anodizing, powder coating, tubes stainless steel, titanium, etc… Also an aluminum launch lever with bearing that mount on the pedal shaft for pegs or pedals use + a bracket ready to bolt on motobecane or peugeot engine cases. The launch lever is a must-have part on those variated french bikes to get the most out of your engine by pressing down on it with your foot. It’s like downshifting on your variated transmission, it gives you that extra power that no other moped offers (even with a dual variated transmission), launching the engine into high rpms for quicker accelerations to reach top speed or be the fastest climbing hills.

I’m also going to design and test a new engine spring for peugeot and motobecane since none of the polini or doppler works perfectly. I’m trying to work on a new Tomahawk clutch pulley or a heavy duty kit to upgrade your doppler clutch pulley ER2. And a bunch of other parts needed for french bikes and later think about good parts for Puch and Tomos.

We’ve got a couple of projects lined up, another fast 50cc Doppler motobecane av10 project,  the “Motomos” a Tomos A55 with custom extended swing arm top quality welds and streetmate front end disc brake with maybe a motobecane variated engine, my Tomos ST Harley top tank and my Minarelli 77cc h20 drag moped. There’s gonna be some long nights but let’s do this thing!

More frames waiting for a Tomahawk extreme makeover:

Black Peugeot 103 vogue short swing arm 50cc h20/air cooled, Green peugeot 103 RCX short square swing arm 70cc polini h20, White peugeot 103 mvl dual variated swing arm with high rpm vintage Bidalot racing 50cc air cooled and wide 2.5 inch mag wheels with stock threaded holes for disc brake, Yellow old new stock motobecane av10 frame zero miles not even a single drop of gasoline in the tank. How do you like that moby frame drg7? I know know you want it bad.

For a man of means, a future 25hp 86cc h20 monster peugeot or motobecane moped using the CNC machined Mykitech cases from to adapt all the powerful high tech minarelli scooter parts imported from Europe + the Mykitech clutch pulley.

France, custom scooter minarelli engine + peugeot 103 monster scooter:



New Vespa Quarantasei Concept and BMW Concept C (with cameras replacing the mirrors) in 2012:


The US moped scene is just the best and probably the biggest. If you don’t own a moped yet watch that video and go get one!

A 1979 film about moped safety.

Great art work and T-shirts by Tyler Conway “Bright mind designs” in Denver, inspired by the Tomahawk custom mopeds:



  1. Michael J Kelley

    Those french scoots! whoa! Do you have any links that would lead me to more info on them and bikes like them. Esp. the more race-oriented ones like the silver one w/ the leading link susp. and the red and black one at the bottom.

    I do some scooter racing and have been thinking about modding them for a more motard or NSR/YSR type riding position. Some info on those scoots would give me some great inspiration.


    Great blog btw, I”ve got a Negrini ‘ped in pieces all over the garage. Your blog has been giving me lots of ideas to start putting it back together again….

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