Tomahawk 28mm clip-ons prototype

So far so good…

Made in USA.

The 1st batch is here! The clip-ons will be FOR SALE very soon here on the Tomahawk blog and at Treats

Working late nights getting the clip-ons ready, compressed air cleaning, thread and quality control, aluminum 7/8 tube cutting, Allen screw assembly.

Perfect racing position with a fix 8 degrees angle just like on my Peugeot 50cc race moped.


Sneak peek at the “Transformer moby” project by Overkill (chassis) and Tomahawk (race engine).

Engine set-up:

Stock av10 cases ported, Doppler kit 50cc air ported, Malossi crank, Doppler stock reeds, Dell’orto 19 carb, Doppler pipe, Mvt cdi, Bidalot Junior variator, Doppler clutch pulley, stock engine spring, launch lever. Probably an h20 50cc set-up in the future.

Check out the size of that fat rear tire (3 inch tubeless) with the wide stock mbk av10 magnum square swing arm! I can’t wait to see the future gas tank side covers with aluminum CNC machined motobecane raised 3D logo.

Engine cases disassembly:

Case matching + billet LED tail lights:

Cylinder porting:

Setting the transfers and exhaust port duration at Gr1 moped racing specs + Bidalot variator.


The engine is built so tight with precision.

All surfaces were carefully checked. The crank perfectly centered. The cases are assembled with special crank seals not available at any moped part store, new grade 8 7mm bolts + stainless steel spacers. The head is mounted with malossi long nuts M7 and stainless steel thick spacers + O ring and professional super resistant sealant. The squish is safely set for 91 octane fuel. Blue Loctice applied where needed.

Next is the ignition with timing set for high rpms + aluminum welding inside the intake manifold to match the stock reed block for a perfect gas flow.

Even though the cylinder is not lubricated yet on that video, the compression is already very strong! Just what we need for crazy 50cc power.


I’m getting ready to build my cafe scoot /drag ped project powered  by a minarelli 77cc 23hp dual variated scooter engine. I’m still undecided and looking for advice. Please check out my last post on mopedarmy to help me take a decision, thanks.


My motorcycle frame is a Hodoka Ace 100:


    • tomahawktuning

      That’s the plan.
      I’m making 50 sets.They should be ready soon.
      I’m also working on making some 30mm for Tomos fork size if there’s a real demand.

  1. tomahawktuning

    Yeah… it really feels like a good start, 2012 should be a good year with lots of cool moped stuff from Tomahawk and Overkill!

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