Amsterdam represent!

Hi Christophe,

This is what I made with a friend and my son of a 2005 Ramzey Comfort (which is a Turkish Peugeot 103 clone with kick start as you might know).
We’ve built the moped for my girlfriends son’s birthday next week. Today was the first time on the streets of Amsterdam and it attracted a lot of attention from passers by.

We bought the original bike for €50 and managed to keep the total cost at about €250, by using a lot of second hand stuff from adds on the internet.

We visited the tomahawk website often after my son discovered it last year when he got an old Peugeot 103 for his eleventh birthday from my father as a learning project.

Through this email I’d like to thank you for the inspiration.
Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Wim Gietermans



  1. tomahawktuning

    Yeah, I get emails and inspire people from everywhere, Brazil, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Austria, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Spain, England…

    Very young people too, this is good news for the future of mopeds!

    Hey… one day I want a Tomahawk video by Honest Mike.

  2. honestmike

    DAMN… that’s incredible amount of Lurkers from around the world.
    How lucky I am to be soooooo close to your shop.

    As for a Tomahawk / Honest Video 🙂

    I have an (Lo-Def) idea!!!!

    When I bring in my Pug 103 to your shop… plan on bringing my camera (If you don’t mind)
    When’s a good time to do this?
    I’m Ready!


  3. tomahawktuning

    Sounds good man!

    Begging of February should be good, so busy setting up the new shop and dealing with repairs, custom bike and parts this month.


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