103 RCX, lets powder coat

After 2 years, time for a new look to get pretty and ready for the 2012 race season.

Motobecane rubber bushing mounts on Peugeot frame phase 2:

Special brass guides and bushing housing by Tomahawk, aluminum spacer by Overkill, welds by master welder and manufacturer of Apache helicopter parts.

Plus, motobecane old 19mm intake conversion to stock square shape for better gas flow with welded aluminum (no cheap JB weld for “Mr. High-Tech”).


  1. tomahawktuning

    Yeah I need to match the stock small square reed size.

    That old intake (polini or malossi not sure) is too big with a rectangular shape that creates a bad step.

    I don’t know why they made an intake rectangular in the past and for what type of engine cases.

    Polini or Doppler curvy intakes for stock cases are out of stock at TREATS so I need to modify the only 19mm intake I have left until we get a new one.

  2. tomahawktuning

    Yeah just a little with an angle to perfectly match the polini intake square size slightly bigger than stock reed square opening.

    But if your intake manifold like the doppler matches the reed opening perfectly don’t touch anything! Run it as is for best performance.

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