For Sale: Tomahawk race clip-ons 28mm


Free shipping

CNC machined aluminum clip-ons made in USA for 28mm EBR hydraulic forks and most stock moped forks.

Fix 8 degrees race angle.

Standard size 7/8 aluminum tubes 12 inches long. They can be easily cut or replaced by any chrome or black steel tubes from cut off  moped handle bars.

Perfect for your street custom project or race moped.

We’re raffling off a clip-ons set:

To enter the raffle email Christophe at subject “clipons raffle” and give your feedback based on the picture (design, price, etc…)

The raffle will end February 1st 2012 and the winner will be picked randomly by number generator.

To order email Christophe at


  1. kkelley

    Have been really impressed with your bikes. and abilities Thanks for all the pictures and information on Motobecanes. I’ve Been building an av10 50cc GR1 and so much of my work is trying to figure out simple stuff. I mean just dealing with those c clips, to hold the piston in. I tore the crap out of the side of it, and was about to order a c clip installer. I know the ears can break off on the G clips but they go in so easy. I do love working on these mbk’s , I took my Doppler clutch pulley apart yesterday. I greased and put all back together with lock tight . I just say your post on the 8mm replacement studs and 3 shoe brace. May be a 50cc GR1 can’t destroy them like bigger kits . Thanks for all the info

    • tomahawktuning

      Yeah mbk engines are fun to work on with lots of power.
      The older clutch pulley might hold but the new version made cheaper by a new factory might not.

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