Yes, we can build your engine

This is a Peugeot bottom end engine I properly reassembled today and ready to ship back to Canada for a top tank moped project.

Some people still ask me if we build moped engines for others, I hope this post answers the question.

I’m specialized in Peugeot and Motobecane variated engines my first choice of mopeds but can also work on Puch and Tomos engines stock or kitted.

Just email us at for quotes since every engine project is different and send us your parts or ask us some advice on what parts to buy.

And YES…. we can build your custom moped too!

Keep in mind that a vintage custom moped built from scratch with brand new parts is not cheap and to build it right with quality like all the Tomahawk bikes it takes an average of 50+ hrs of labor, that’s if there’s no special custom frame modifications request.

For example:

Just a vintage moped frame can cost up to $200, good mag wheels $200, Ebr fork $200, disc break assembly $200, standard rear shocks $60, handle bars – controls – head light – cables – pedals – chains, seat, etc… another $200.

So a $1000 just for the rolling chassis + paint job.

Plus close to  $1000 in parts for a fast brand new race engine built from scratch. A brand new stock engine is a little cheaper but still around $600 in parts.

Here’s my personal experience:

The fun thing about mopeds is that it’s supposed to be cheap and do it yourself. Fast vintage custom mopeds are a whole different world. People buy a cheap vintage moped and try to learn to fix it themselves. It’s fine as long as they keep the engine stock but once they decide the bump the power with performance parts, it’s just the beginning of a long, painful and expensive road.

Over and over I see people wanting to build their own kitted engine to learn and save money. But most of the time they end up spending more in the long run after seizing multiple kits or breaking their engine parts. After few months of frustration, they finally bring the bike to an expert which they should have hired in the first place to really save money. It takes even more labor for a mechanic to repair a damaged engine than building one with new parts.

In conclusion, their is no cheap vintage custom moped and fast. The only cheap moped is a stock vintage one which you got a good deal for and that only needs little maintenance once in a while. Or, a brand new Tomos stock-ish engine reliable with a pipe and up jet for daily commuting at 45 mph max,  and maybe little extra money spent on chassis parts to make it look less boring and more custom.

That’s just my opinion but I hope that it helps those who are new to the moped world or want to build a custom bike.


  1. tomahawktuning

    Honest Mike on his way to break the record for most comments on the Tomahawk blog, currently in second position 🙂

    You always make my day man!

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