The Beast, birth of a drag moby

So this is it. I’ve made the decision to use a motobecane Av10 moped frame instead of my Hodaka motorcycle top tank frame. It will be lighter and faster.

I’ve got 2 months to cut, grind, weld, order all the missing parts to finish the project and register the bike as a moped by the end of March for the “Super Sunday” big Ruckus ride in Los Angeles.

I’m super excited about that project but no more talk, it’s time to build.


Two stroke minarelli horizontal scooter engine 23hp imported from France (Mbk nitro/Yamaha Zuma) with Malossi MHR 77cc h20 kit, Malossi crank 85mm, Stage 6 digital cdi, Dell’orto 28mm carb flat slide, Stage 6 R1400 exhaust, Malossi over range transmission kit, Stage 6 clutch pulley, Stage 6 gears.

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