For Sale: Tomahawk clutch pulley Xtreme kit


Free shipping

Finally a heavy duty kit to replace the Doppler clutch pulley weak stock 6mm shoe posts that bend or break under big power. Soon available at Treats

Here’s the final version with water jet cut steel triangle brace (installed on the pulley) + machined steel 8mm posts heat treated + 8mm castle nuts + cotter pins.

The thicker base of each post allows the shoes to fit deeper inside the clutch bell for more grabbing surfaces but with enough clearance so the posts don’t rub against the bell. There’s also a special flat section to hold the post with a wrench when tightening the castle nut.

To upgrade your Doppler clutch pulley remove the stock 6mm pins, drill 5/16 holes, tighten the heavy duty 8mm shoe posts with the castle nuts and cotter pins needed for safety.  Install the clutch shoes and the triangle brace plate with the stock Doppler circlips.

Et voila, you’re ready to rip!

To order email Christophe at

Peugeot and Motobecane Doppler clutch pulley available at TREATS

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