60 days

60 days left before the 1st SoCal moped/motrized bicycle race April 7th 2012 at Grange Track, Victorville.

I should have enough time to paint and reassemble my 50cc race moped with no fairings this year to blend in. I’m the only dedicated moped racer left in Southern California and I’m starting to lose the motivation to compete. But I’ll try to attend and support the event organized by Neil and race against the motorized bicycles.

We don’t really have any motivated racers or fast mopeds left in Los Angeles, but if you want to come and play with your moped or just watch the race, mark that date on your calendar. The track is only 1h30 min away from LA and 60 days should be plenty of time to get your bike ready.

There should be 3 or 4 events this season with scooter, moped, bicycle classes and maybe some drag racing. This year I’m not looking to win or prove anything but just have fun on Saturday afternoon with other racers on the track. It’s always a good experience to share and learn new riding or tuning skills. The fast electric bikes are fun to watch too.

For more details, check out Neil’s post on http://www.mopedarmy.com forum moped general discussion:

SoCal Moped Race Sat April 7th 2012 Grange Track, Victorville


The world fastest mobility scooter 70 mph (normal speed 4-8 mph)

Puch moped rally in PARIS:

” Breda-Paris Rally on 50cc vintage Puch mopeds. It shows friend fuckers, hardship, the odd biker love, karma & harmony/discrepancy. Rules? What is the final rule? Money: to spend it on a thrilling party. Why Paris? Solely to ride. In Paris.”

That video says it all. No matter what country or type of vehicle, it’s always been about speed.


  1. tomahawktuning

    I don’t think they have very strict safety rules.
    As long as you bring $40, your moped, a helmet, knee and elbow pads, sandwiches and lots of water, and a cool t-shirt you’re fine.

    I’m sure you won’t forget your low def camera!

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