The Mobyx Reloaded

Here’s the latest Motobecane Av1o project with new custom paint + all the bells and whistles by Melvin (Mel-Mar body shop in Filipino town, Los Angeles).

The bike is almost done, it just needs the pulley + chain.  The wheels might be powder coated black. We’re sending the seat to the upholstery shop next week and making white Motobecane gas tank stickers.

Check out all the custom features fabricated by Melvin: swing arm, frame brace, fork brace, disc brake aluminum mount, steel clip-ons, launch lever, exhaust push springs ball joint + seal ring inside, doppler er3 variator converted to clutch function with a brass bushing inside, hidden 6V battery, wiring harness, horn, brake light, key switch, cup holder and even a cigarette lighter… lol

That bike is super fast with a ported Polini W 50cc kit + stock cases, and so torquy that we need to use a 13T front sprocket. We’re going to replace the screaming Giannelli pipe with a doppler pipe to lower the rpms and modify the power band better suited for street riding.


I’m wearing my famous blue latex gloves after pouring a think coat of POR 15 tank sealer in my peugeot 103 rcx race bike to seal a micro leak in an inaccessible area. The previous owner welded a screw on the tank at the base of the fork tube creating a leak that I couldn’t completely fix after few copper brazing welding attempts, the metal got heated too many times in the past.

2nd Round:

I designed and got the seat back from the upholstery shop, nice work. The K&N decals might be temporary until we get white Motobecane ones but they kinda look good. Melvin has a obsession with stickers and won’t stop!

As soon as the new seat is on……”sell it!”


Ball joint converted to fix mount based on vintage RGD exhauxt system. No more oil leaks or loss of power. This is a prototype that works great but we’re working on an improved version based on the vintage RGD pipe with “pump” high temperature bellow system with variable length when the engine swings back, from long for low end power to short for top end speed. That system was very effective back in the 80’s and the RGD for peugeot and motobecane was one of the best ans solid pipe. Once we test the final version and like the results we might start making more and sell them.

Test run 1st generation prototype:


I ‘m building a Motobecane av10 engine kick start for a customer in Chicago with stock cases, Doppler 50cc kit, stock head decomp valve (for easier push start “cardboard trick” with Doppler er3 variator bearing clutch function), 19mm carb, dopppler pipe mvt cdi. I’m also testing the new Av10 race crank by 1977mopeds.

You can follow that build here: Moby av10 build… 77 race crank put to the test

I fabricated a quick copy of the missing original kick start unit plate.

Here’s the kick start in action:

Ending the break in session. Carburetion and fuel mixture kept rich.

Final test run: The 1977mopeds race crank passed the test!

I’m sure it would hold fine but the crank would need to be tested with a bigger 70cc set-up with more pounding and vibrations, especially with the heavy stock variator but it passed the test with a 50cc doppler kit high rpm street version with stock head and unmodified doppler exhaust.

The engine is still warm and ready to ship back to Chicago!


  1. MickR Baltarded

    Nice psycho city ride 😉

    Where did that curved intake come from? Every see or fabricate a similar AV10 intake for fitting a Mikuni carb off to the side like that?

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