Scoot TV episode 1

Honest Mike from Lo-Def Productions is starting a new Youtube Cannel “Scoot TV” covering all kinds of scooter events happening on the West Coast and some mopeds stuff of course. I’m excited, I’ve always been a fan of his videos. That guy is everywhere and edit his videos so quick all night long. Can’t wait for the cable tv show one day…

You can follow scoot TV on Youtube or Facebook:

Follow also Honest Mike on Youtube and Facebook. Here’s the latest video of last weekend big Ruckus ride sponsored by Alpinestars and Honda USA. Watch the end of the video for some underground tunnel moped action. Mike his editing tons of videos this week from the last moped ride in San Diego.

You can also join his facebook new “2Digit riderz” group. Anything from 49cc to 99cc.

There it is:

San Diego 1st Skunks moped rally video by 2ditgitriderz. Thx Mike!


Bernie moby 40T with new motobecane stickers.


Brazilian moped street racing updates:

I just got those videos from Rafael and Marcelo the fastest street racers between 75-80 mph (120-130  kmh) with their motobecane Av10 and XR. They’re big fans of the Tomahawk blog.

Those street race mopeds in Brazil were already fast but now that they’re starting to get all the good racing parts from the US  thanks to Treats, h20 kits, launch lever, etc… things are getting serious and people are dropping a lot of money to be the next fastest moby on the street!

I’ll be posting an article with more photos, engines setups, videos and interviews soon. On a good day Rafael might beat Marcelo but most of the time Marcelo is the man . He even beats a motorcycle CB 300 on the 2nd video.

Hey Rafael, I’ve noticed that Marcelo’s engine revs higher and sounds better tuned than yours. That might be why he’s got a slight edge. Maybe he’s using a better exhaust (it looks like a ninja G3 on the pause image). You may want to work on that 😉

Rafael’s race moped Caloi XR 70cc Athena kit, motobecane av10 stock cases, malossi 4 petal reed block, 24mm mikuni carb, stock cdi, “thunder biturbo” modified popular pipe in Brazil, stock variator, 11 x 54, custom launch lever, custom nitrous bottle.


  1. Honest Mike

    I came on Tomahawktuning to get my Weekly Fix of your awesome builds & what do I see?

    ME!!! (Host of SCOOT TV:)

    Too Cool Tomahawk!!! Mahalo/Thank you!
    Get ready, Scoot TV (MOPEDivisions) is going to visit TOMAHAWK soon!
    STAY TUNED…. Like TOMAHAWKTuning! 🙂


    • tomahawktuning


      I’m a big fan man! Bring us some cool videos and interviews.

      Thanks for that new channel it was needed!

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