Rockstar Moby

Coming soon…

Commissioned custom moped Motobecane Av10 Doppler 50cc. The next level.

Two light weight Fox racing Shox 2012 Float RP23. Adjustments: Rebound, PorPedal on/off, 3 position compression, Air spring pressure, 50 to 300 psi. Safe max load recommended per shock  250 lbs (bike + rider) with 25% compression damping.

Tomahawk and Melvin Martin teaming up.

Bonus Videos:

Fun afternoon, nice weather, good laughs and good seafood!

Good Friday ride in downtown LA with the Tomahawk crew. Lunch at Fisherman’s restaurant and quick stop at Dynasty scooter shop. Zuma 125cc stretched out with big bore 260cc kit, honda hobbit 70cc polini, “pucha” puch maxi with honda hobbit engine 70cc, motobecane av10 50cc doppler.



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