Scoot TV Show episode 2

By Honest Mike.


What’s happening at  Tomahawk Mopeds ?

Melvin finished the stretched out Honda Hobbit 70cc mikuni 24mm carb + dio intake + Sebac 380mm shocks.

Ported and assembled the 50cc Doppler engine for the rockstar moby project. Melvin is working on the disc brake custom aluminum mount and wheel spacers.

Machined the 50cc polini cylinder top deck and fin for the peugeot 103 dual variated project. Found a new machine shop 20+years experience. Ported and assembled the polini engine + Bidalot head. Serviced and assembled the vintage Giraudo steel variator to fit a new motobecane malossi belt.

The motobecane malossi belt seems to fit perfectly. Gas shock 330mm + Giannelli pipe. Next, make a strong rubber engine bracket, install the internal cdi and rubber mounted 19 carb, new bearings on the dual variated reduction gear, build a front disc brake.

I’ll try to finish that back before the next race June 2nd. It won’t be as fast as with a standard swinging engine setup + launch lever but should be fun to ride with quick accelerations. The good new is I can mount a solid exhaust instead of a ball joint system.

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