2012 French moped racing 2nd race

Just one week after the 1rst race April 8th, the second race of the 2012 season northern France championship took place in Douvrin race track Sunday April 14th.

Team Remi Cusso finished 1st overall dominating  the event with the #48 motobecane Bidalot RS 50cc single variated with parallelogram ridden by Antoine his new pilot. You can witness the slight edge in power when listening to Remi’s engine in the straight away. I remember easily recognizing that specific sound among the other bikes on the track watching a race live in 2011. The magic touch…

Antoine did really good for his second race with a 50cc variated moped and first time on a new track. His amazing riding skills allowed him to place 1st in each 3 rounds and get the fastest lap time. He placed 3rd in the final 4th round due to a belt problem. It’s very early in the season but it looks like he has a good chance to win the 2012 championship in the 50cc variated moped prototype class.

Well done guys! Keep it up.


Posted by Phillipe 45 years old who started moped racing in 2010 to fulfill a childhood dream (kinda like me). He contacted in Remi 2010 who helped him build a motobecane av10 race moped. That’s his second season and he’s starting to progress as a rider and tuner. Unfortunately he just broke his clavicle bone in that last race and will be down for 6 weeks but he’ll be back. Here’s  his #67 race bike with new 50cc engine setup  scootracing89 cases for powerful Derbi h20 kits bridge exhaust + lightened Mykitech clutch pulley:

The energy in the pit early morning. Remi shares a guru’s trick showing how to use the roof steel frame to tighten a Bidalot variator when you don’t have a vice on the track. This is high level skills, don’t try this at home he’s a professional… lol

Antoine #48 won 1st, 2nd and 3rd round:

In the final 4th round Antoine’s belt slipped or broke at the 8 min mark. It happens sometimes with powerful 50cc variated engine even when you use a very precise and linear parallelogram. He learned his first lesson as a new variated moped rider, replaced the belt and got back on the track to finish 3rd.

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