Melvin’s motobecane 50cc polini for sale


Melvin is selling his fast motobecane av10 50cc polini fully loaded. He’s building his next fast moped a Peugeot 103 RCX 50cc Doppler h20 electric water pump with stock clutch pulley and kick start.


Stock mbk cases, doppler crank, ported 50cc W polini kit, doppler high comp head, dell’orto 19 carb, doppler exhaust with custom ball joint, mbk cdi, kick start, doppler er3 variator, doppler clutch pulley with Tomahawk Xtreme kit + special 2 way bearing with outer grease nipple for easy maintenance, custom launch lever.


Custom frame brace, custom disc brake, custom swing arm, 5 star mag wheels, Ebr hydraulic fork with custom brace, custom clip-on handlebars,  custom seat and upholstery, LED tail light, brake light, Ruckus front headlight, 6v battery, key switch, kill switch, horn, gps aluminum mount, rotating license plate holder.

Peugeot 103 RCX project:

Frame with stock kick start imported from France. Stock clutch pulley and Doppler 50cc h20 kit from Treats. The engine will be ported, assembled and tuned by Tomahawk.



The Tomahawk moped nest is taking shape:

The roof frame is done.

Look… a little wounded bird landed next to the Tomahawk nest:

Commissioned project moby 40T frame with 6 star mag wheels + stock av10 cases, polini reed block, powerful malossi 50cc h20 Gr2 kit, stock cdi, 19 carb, stock cdi, doppler er3 variator, doppler clutch pulley, doppler spring. We’re gonna bring this awesome bike back to life with a new ebr fork + disc brake.

Two very powerful 50cc motobecane engine builds in progress:

Stock mbk small cases + stock 2 petal reed valve + 21mm carb + stock cdi, doppler er3 variator, electric  water pump.

Just got those 2 polini 50cc h20 kits from Treats. For proper seal, the heads and cylinders will be machined to fit 1x 45mm and 4x 7mm viton O rings to replace the weak polini head gasket. The combustion chambers might be machined and modified later to fit Bidalot flat head pistons. The cylinder decks will be milled down to raise the port duration to Gr2 specs and the W shape exhaust ported for high rpm monster power. That motobecane setup should be faster than my race moped peugeot 103 rcx 50cc h20 + malossi cases + 21mm carb.


Thanks Treats!


  1. Nam

    Very excited to see what you do with that polini kit. I picked one up from treats too and will be pairing it with polini cases and tm24.

    • tomahawktuning

      No I bought the kit at Lowes. Worth the money and saving time on cutting studs and plywood. But we had to level the floor and custom fit the back of the shed in a very tight space. I bought the roof shingles separately.

  2. Charly smarjesse

    Artisans … Craftsman….engineering …. Are not dead , after all . It really makes me happy and smile to see these projects of mobile art. Thanks for making the world a cooler place to live. Charly.

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