Taking a “brake”

Tomashop phase 1 complete.

Leleu front wheel custom disc brake anti-lock system, peugeot rcx rear sprocket/disc brake project.

After taking a quick break from building the Tomashop I filmed Melvin working on the moby rockstar project front wheel custom disc brake.

Because of the demand this is now a service that we provide. We can pretty much adapt a disc brake to any bike. If you need that upgrade on your moped just send us your fork, wheel, caliper , rotor and we’ll take it from there. Our tools are not fancy but they get the job done.

Depending on each project, prices start at $300. This includes custom made aluminum rotor mount, caliper bracket and labor.

If you don’t have the parts we can provide them at additional cost.

I think Melvin likes my new right angle drill. I can say good bye to it. Au revoir ma petite perceuse…

Commissioned custom disc brake for Peugeot Leleu front wheel to be installed on a motobecane moped in Chicago.


Bernie’s next next project Derbi liquid cooled flat reed dual variated.

Many options for that build. Kit Airsal 90cc, Barikit 78cc, Parmakit 80cc,Parmakit 95cc, etc….



Derbi Variant with Pro Race cylinder kit, polini clutch and variator, oko 24mm carb, PVL cdi:


Teaser video by Nicolas Danevel who traveled from March to May 2011 through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Richmond to film a moped documentary. The final video will be ready soon on his vimeo channel.


Video Rebecca Dreyfus of the March 20th 2012 moped rally “Whiskey Business V” organized by the Bourbon Bandits.

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