1 day

My race bikes are ready for the track tomorrow. I did a full checkup on my Motobecane Av10 50cc. I overfilled the transmission on my new stock 50cc Tomos 35mph and installed a fairing for better aerodynamic in the straight away 🙂

I won’t bring my Peugeot 103 RCX 50cc h20. The bike is too fast and doesn’t really qualify in any class right now.

Only 1 day before the 2nd race of the SoCal Motorized Bicycle racing 2012 season.

Saturday June 2nd from 9am to 5pm at:

Grange’ Race Track

The morning heat races start at 10 am, they determine your position on the start lane in the afternoon.  It’s also a good time to pratice if it’s your first time o the track. So if you decide to race your moped I recommend to come early but if you can’t you’ll still be able to race in the afternoon starting in the back. Driving early from LA might be a good idea to avoid traffic too.

There are 3 motorized bicycles classes based on power and speed in which you can race your moped, slow/medium/fast. The morning heat races also help finding out in which class you belong. The stock Tomos and other mopeds will probably belong in the slow class and kitted bikes in the medium or fast class.

Last minute Tomahawk motivation boost for undecided moped racers:

The moped winner of each class will get a Tomahawk prize and a $50 gift certificate at Treats!

All mopeds are invited to come play with the bicycles racers! Let’s make it bigger and even more fun than last time. I didn’t have time to build a race bicycle but I’ll bring at least one race moped + my new stock Tomos ST that I’ll be racing against Chris Hernandez from the Woolly Bullies. Well I gotta make it start first, it broke down after few days. So bummed… I thought a stock Tomos would be super reliable. Learning lesson… never brag about how good your bike runs 🙂

We’re planning on doing another BBQ. Come with your family and friends to taste Edison’s amazing burgers and spend a fun moped afternoon. Chihuahua racers are welcome too!

I got up at 4:30am Saturday morning. I fixed my Tomos yeah! I’m ready for the Knuckleheads Moped ride tonight in Long Beach and the race in June. Can’t wait to be back on the track with all those guys.

It was a problem with that damn oil pump injecting too much oil in the carburetor. I got rid of it without any hesitation and filled up the tank with synthetic premix fuel. I also changed the rear sprocket down to 22T for better top speed. The bike feels much better now.

There’s nothing like a rewarding early morning ride, “a la fraiche” (crispy morning).


Hand made av10 kick start plate + hydraulic EBR fork braces:

Back in business at the new Tomashop: Working on a front disc brake and custom swing arm.

Tomahawk and Mel-Mar working the magic. Watch the shocks dude!


Hunting for peugeot 103 sp frames in France (old 70’s style and new 80’s style flat side tank).


  1. tracysshitbucket

    I’m glad you you got a Tomos! You know that besides a way too fast for it’s own good mbk stock Tomos+ pipe is my favorite bike! Sucks about the injector, despite rumors of them failing this is the first reliable direct testimony of one failing that I know of, even working at choke!

    • tomahawktuning

      Yeah there’s some potential with those Tomos stock cylinder big transfers + a good pipe. I want to keep it 50cc ported. I’m sure it feels better on the transmission (now made in India I believe) that tends to vibrate with big bore kits.

      Nick the Tomos mechanic at Choke told the oil pumps were reliable with thin 710 oil. Bad luck I guess, I got one of the rare bad ones. The carb bowl was over filled with oil and the air filter too.

      I didn’t want to take a chance even after cleaning up everything. I took it off. It’ll probably be safer to premix with synthetic once I start porting the engine, modify squish, port duration, carb and pipe for higher rpm and hp.

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