Le Monster

Back from the 2nd motorized bicycle/moped race of the SoCal 2012 season. “Le Monster” wins the fast class.

First I want to thank everybody again for coming to the event. It was smaller turn out this time for the bicycles racers (no e-bikes either) but a good turn out for mopeds racers. Thx Honest Mike from Scoot TV who rode 200+ miles to the desert on a Zuma 125cc scooter with his buddy on a Honda Elite 125cc. They couldn’t make it to the track in time cause their GPS took them on a wrong route to Lake Arrowhead :). But we hung out after the race at some local moped racers house and I gave some of my footage to Mike. Scoot Tv Moped Division video coming soon…

Race results:

– I won the slow class with my stock Tomos, 2nd Curtis on a Garelli + pipe, 3rd was a other stock Tomos I think, 4th Chris Hernandez on stock Tomos + pipe. It took me some time to adjust racing with pedals. I crashed and damaged my left pedal.

– Ryan (local racer) won the fast class with the legendary “le monster” 74cc Metrakit peugeot malossi cases variated moped built by the Orange County moped guru Shaw, I finished 2nd with my Motobecane av10 50cc (good battle), 3rd place was a 200cc 4 stroke motorized bicycle I think. I was so stoked to see Shaw’s monster moped on the track. That bike was built heavy for the street and hasn’t been running for almost 2 years but blasted on the track thanks to Ryan’s amazing riding skills. Well done guys! Next time in October I need to bring the big guns and race my fast Peugeot to be able to beat that bike. Or just upgrade my Motobecane av10 50cc with h20 kit + 21mm carb but same chassis setup for exciting close battles. (Bonus pics of Ryan’s moped garage and backyard where they repair people’s moped).

“Le monster” bike:

More race moped pics:

Motorized bicycles:

Chinese bikes modified with performance parts, custom malossi reed intake welded (piston port plugged), custom crankshaft, custom air and h20 cylinder head, etc…, 2 stroke 50cc h20 morini engine, 200cc 4 stroke Harbor Freight engine.


Edison building a custom Tomahawk BBQ.

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