Rockstar Moby 1st start

Ca respire…

The brand new Doppler 49.9cc ported engine feels good. Stock cases, stock 2 small petal reeds, 19mm carburetor, stock cdi.

No air leak, good throttle response and carburetor transition. It’s time for a test run after few break in sessions. Then after all the final adjustments, take the bike apart for painting and seat upholstery.

The motobecane parts for that engine set up are available at Treats moped store:



Melvin’s motobecane av10 49.9cc polini air cooled  64 mph GPS uphill in downtown LA short streets + his Peugeot 103 RCX 49.9cc h20 project with Doppler cylinder top deck machined down to increase the power to 15 hp.

Porting phase 1:  Small polini cases + malossi vl7 4 petal reed valve.



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