Adams track bicycle/moped racing

Back from the motorized bicycle/moped race June 16th 2012 at the Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California.

I was the only moped racer there but what a blast!

Peugeot 103 Rcx 49.9cc h20 moped 15 hp.

I had some mechanical problems in the afternoon practice. My old belt flipped and shredded, 2 engine cases bolts holding the launch lever rubber bracket broke. I though it was over. But luckily I had a new belt and was able to buy 6mm Allen screws on the track at the go kart shop and was helped by a bicycle racer. The brand new belt not broken in yet through off my variator weights + launch lever setting and I didn’t have enough time to fine tune them. So I kept the variator a little heavy to be safe but lost some acceleration off the turns. Listening to my engine on the videos I could have used a 2 teeth bigger rear sprocket on that short track to make the engine saturate earlier at 3/4 in the straight instead of almost the end. There was also room to lean out the carburetor main jet for better throttle response and rpms but once again I decided to keep the engine safe and reliable. Finishing a race is more important.

Overall, a fun race day with good action. I had more time to connect and make friends with the bicycles racers. Some people came all the way from San Francisco. I finished 2nd in the unlimited class behind a fast electric bike 30-40hp? with insane acceleration and in front of a dual variated 200cc 4t 20hp. I test rode the e-bike and I never felt anything like it! The torque is nuts and everything so quite you feel like flying. I couldn’t even open full throttle because of the short go kart track and the bike’s front end lifting off the ground like crazy! To compete in the bicycle races they had to stretch the frame otherwise the bike flips over! I wasn’t allowed to take up close photos of the bike cause the prototype motor is kinda secret, gotta respect that. I retouched the photo to hide the motor. But using side covers would have been a good idea to keep it top secret 😉

What an experience and a rush, I’m hooked. It made me want to build a super fast e-moped with a similar set-up. The  motor temperature was only 55 degree Celsius (130 Fahrenheit) and you could touch it right after the race which is rare for any engine. They finally got reed of overheating problems thanks to their custom aluminum housing with fins. Their next step is to upgrade the chassis with an Aprilia 250 RS to exploit the full potential of the electric motor. For now, they’re keeping the bicycle frame for the electric motorcycle race event July 1st at the big Laguna Seca Raceway in Salinas, CA (1h north of San Francisco).

Steve on the left with his 2t 50cc morini 12hp bicycle with ebr moped fork and mag wheels (bought at + Dave on the right, a 2 stroke guru and legend from Orange County (Arrow Racing) who’s been racing for 20+ years with his brother Jimmy flat track motorcycles, boats, etc… they were in the 1971 motorcycle movie “On Any Sunday” starring Steve McQueen. They’re retired now and race bicycles for fun, making and selling custom performance parts for Chinese 2t engines.


More photos of the other bicycle racers, Harbor Freight 4t 200cc , Chinese stock 2t 50cc and 65cc modified, etc…


If you can’t see the videos cause the blog page is too heavy for your computer, subscribe to the “tomahawktuning” YouTube channel.

1- The afternoon qualifying race unlimited class 8 laps. At the 3:35 min mark fast e-bike pedal chain gets stock,  I take the lead. I slow down later to video tape the following racer and let him pass. At the 8:55 min mark watch that 200cc 4t 20hp bicycle ridden by a new 15 year old racer loosing the drive chain. I pass and take the lead again to finish 1st.

2- The official night race unlimited class 12 laps. My 50cc moped is slow off the start lane because I have a sticky clutch that I didn’t have time to service between race events. The monster e-bike is way faster in the straights but slower in the twisties. I can catch up but can’t pass due to its long frame, too dangerous and I’d be blasted again in the long straight anyway.

3- Prize Ceremony: “Once you go e-bike, you don’t go back”

4- Fast electric bike on board video:


> Photo of the last race June 2nd 2012 at Grange’ race track in Victorville, CA. Me on my 11hp motobecane 50cc air cooled battling against Ryan (left) riding “Le monster” 74cc air cooled. The next race will be back at the same track October 20th 2012. Please, please, please… come and join us with whatever moped you have, fast or super slow it doesn’t matter. Lets make it a fun and epic event. It will be cooler than the summer races. But for safety please make sure to bring full helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads, shoes covering the ankles, lots of water too.

$35 for racers – $10 for spectators. Here’s the track info.

Hopefully some footage of the event by Scoot Tv moped division coming soon in this post.

> NEMA (North East Moped Racing Association)

That same Saturday 16th 2012 was taking place the official 1st race of the moped racing season in the North East, Tomahawk happy to be one of the sponsors. Well done guys. Check out their website for racers bio, events, results, etc… 

Photos stolen from Alexander Johnson’s Facebook who seems to have won the 4th class, Pro 60-80cc piston port/reed valve with wet/dry clutch with unlimited carb and pipe.

I see pegs… Are we assisting at a shift in US moped racing with no pedals? Humm…. I don’t feel so isolated now. Unless you’re an Italian racer 😉 I find pegs more efficient and safer on the track, you can lean way more. Pedaling can’t really help make your monster 80cc moped go any faster, at that speed it’s all engine powered. Mopeg racing yeah!

> Plus, Scooter racing Italian style.

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